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Crysis 3 Walkthrough Welcome To The Jungle

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Just when you go right outside you will see a mine field just hack the field and proceed.

Watch out for that tower.

Go Cloak and silently move behind any object that out of the tower's sight."TIP"When the tower spots you,Go Max Armour (Q) and sprint to another safe area and then quickly go Cloak and move to another point then proceed"

When you seached all the points go to the back and jump off and you will find your weapon.

Take out those 3 guns on the tower.

Right after you took out the guns of the tower,There is another minefield.Then proceed to clear the area and follow the objective.

Follow Psycho into the room and jump down into the sewers.

Just follow the path of the sewers.

There is another Turret when you come out of the pipes.

When you have to jump to Psycho,Sprint and hold in space.

Jump over the wreckage and proceed left through a walkway,Then go open the door at the end.

Watch out for these stalkers.Max armor when you get to them.

Proceed upward after you killed all the stalkers.

Resupply and move up the stairs.

When you get to the enemies look for two turrets that are up high about in the middle of the area and hack them.

Proceed to the back and go up the stairs.

Head up to the line and attatch to glide out of the building.

Resupply and on the flat container is a heavy weapon.

Don't jump down yet, Look off into the distance in the middle of the area is a glowing object head to it and disable it.

Regroup with Psycho and get on that AGL.

after you are done killing the stalkers Hold in V to detach the weapon.

Follow Psycho down the path.

Follow Psycho up the railway and help him to push down the TrainCart.

Shoot Enemies as you go down.