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Crysis 3 Walkthrough The Root Of All Evil

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Follow Psycho up and get to the supplies.

When you get to where the helicopter is shoot some enemies from above then proceed left.

On the bottom right of the Dam is an entry point which you can get to,Go there and go up.

When you get out on the Dam be sure to look for a heavy weapon after your first generator shutdown.

Head into this building and go down to shut down one of those generators.

Head down to shutdown the generator.

In the middle there is another turret.

Look out for a chopper.

Run a bit forward and look for one of these HMG's and detach it.

Shoot down the Chopper with the HMG.

Then proceed to the next generator.

Head down the stairs and go place the explosives.

Follow the river until you get to your objective's location .

There is a turret just where CELL stands.

Head RIGHT, around the building until you find a dropdown.

Jump down and head on into the pipes,Watch out for the lazers

head up the stairs and take the elevator down.

Head left and go Restore the objective.

Return and go right to activate the crane.

Jump on the pipes then the crane that moved.

Then Sprint Hold space and restore the next objective.

Take out the turrets to the right and return to the lift.