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DOTA 2 Walkthrough Basic skill: Pulling Creeps

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Pulling creeps only at top (Dire side) and bottom (Radiant side). By pulling creeps, the puller can get extra gold and few exp but more importantly, it delayed the creeps at the lane. This will make the enemy heroes had a hard time farming near your tower

Firstly, when the new creeps respawn, go to the natural creeps camp and wait for your own creeps getting nearer. DO NOT wait too near at the natural creeps camp because they might attack you.

When your creeps getting near, (see picture, it should be around that spot), quickly attack that natural creeps.

Run back to your lane while ignoring the attacks. Your creeps should see the natural creeps chasing you. If this happen, then you have succeed pulling creeps. :) At the Dire side, pulling creeps is much more easier than here.

This is how it works.

When your creeps back to its lane, the enemy creeps should reached your tower. The enemy heroes will have a hard time to farm near your tower and they will head back. This is the advantage for Radiant at the bottom lane, while the Dire at the top lane. :)