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Dead Space 2 Walkthrough Chapter 14

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This guy. This guy comes right after you use the Eyepoke machine. He REGENERATES arms when you shoot them off. Just stasis him when he regenerates and hack the terminal before he comes to smack you and HAUL ASS!

Run run run!

Blow that puker up!

Blow that boss up!

Take that man's corpse and scan the door with him to get out of here before the boss overwhelms you.

Blast that puker!

Call the elevator!

Get into a button sequence!

Run into this room and turn off the gravity.

To get past, stasis this hammer...

And dodge the fire.

Turn on the gravity again when you're at the other end.

This Power Closet contains nothing but a power node and a random ammo for one gun, so do it.

This is the last safe room in the game. It's your call on if you want to buy stuff here.