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Dead Space 2 Walkthrough Chapter 11

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There'll be a Bench and a Save Station right off the ship.

Past that room will be a large hallway filled with Enhanced Stalkers. I believe this is one of, if not, the last time you'll see these horrific motherfuckers. Seriously, Hardcore mode is impossible with these things. Good luck, and use stasis.

If you survived, keep moving and hack the terminal to progress.

Careful, the next hallway is full of cysts.

But luckily it leads to a Store and a save station.

Instead of following the Locator head down the ramp, but beware Enhanced Pukers and Slashers.

Replace the empty power cell in the background with this one from the handy-dandy power cell dispenser built for occasions like these.

The lights will turn on, and Necromorphs will swarm you. Keep your bearings and Stasis will literally save your life in many occasions.

Keep going, eventually Stross will threaten you with his new Eyepoker.

Suddenly, a Tentacle will grab Isaac and hurl him out into space. The catch is that this time, the tentacle is real.

These cysts will be here to piss you off some more, just evade the missiles and blast it for a Semiconductor.

Trying to head back will quite literally cost an arm and a leg, instead turn back and look for a Thruster dispenser.

These repurposed empty Turbine engines are Thruster dispensers.

Take a Thruster, put it on the laser source, and blast it out of the way. Repeat for the other laser source.

Head back inside, beware of the cysts that'll gib you if you don't gib them.

After some more Enhanced Necromorphs, keep going till you see the laser door, instead of wasting ammo, why not let Johnny here do all the work?

Thanks Johnny!

Turn around for a Power Closet filled with goodies, and a schematic for one of the last suits in the game.

Then, go forward out of the closet to another cyst filled hallway.

At the end of the hallway, start hacking the console, I know you want to....

Stross will try to take your eye before you can finish hacking the console, starting a button sequence.

Like a dumbass, Isaac presents his hooded face for Stross to perforate. Mash E to turn the tide.

Stross will have gotten what came to him once E has been mashed.

But not until I teach him not to scare me....

Head past the room you were in with the Power Cell dilemma, going through a door that was locked before. You'll find yourself in an elevator and Slashers will be raining on you. Prepare Stasis.

Burn, baby, burn!

That's not the end of the button sequences howeever, at the end of the elevator ride Nicole will SLAM Isaac into a wall and try to choke him out. Mash E!


Once Isaac isn't dead, Nicole will realize she's not a flashlight anymore.

Taking advantage of the store behind Nicole and the Advanced Suit Schematic, I went ahead and bought it. Helps out with stasis duration. You should buy it too. (36,000 credits)

Prepare for...