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Dead Space 2 Walkthrough Chapter 15

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Stasis him and quickly run past, blasting away Leapers and Pukers.

Don't be as hasty as I am, getting into a button sequence with an Enhanced on ZEALOT or higher is a death sentence.

If he gets in your way of running in one direction, simply blast off his arms, stasis, run!

Take the cargo lift here, you're nearly through!

He'll show up in the last linear hallway there is. Blow off his limbs and stasis.

Break the fuse to shut the door and shut him out.

Nothing to do but go there.

Tiedemann will open fire, spam E till the button sequences end.


Isaac will then disarm Tiedemann.

And then you can execute him.

Nicole will then try to kill you one more time, this time, prepare for a fight.

Simply shoot the shit out of Nicole till the background explodes into yellow.

Then shoot towards the yellow. Rinse and repeat a few times, but watch out for the Pack, they can kill you very fast. Also, don't let Nicole get close to you.

Isaac will then get back into reality....starting a cutscene.

Ellie will then bomb the roof, making Isaac fly up to the gunship. Control Isaac and don't let him smash into a rock.

Simply avoid the rocks whilst heading for Ellie.

The last button sequence of the game...whoo....


Victory nap.