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Isaac has pretty poor taste to be dating flashlights.

Once that cutscene ends, you're met with another cutscene of a guy giving you a full body cavity search. Just wait for the good part.

But don't worry, once he stops feeling you up he'll be promptly lobotomized by the nearest proboscis. You should probably prepare to get out of there.

Once Isaac gives flowermouth a nice decking, Run. Hold shift or you'll be eaten by flowermouth's brothers.

Keep running, ignoring all the doomed crazies and the tribe of cannibals quickly eating everybody alive.

Once you hit through a door, you'll be stopped by Sir IronJaw here. He'll start a button sequence, so mash E (or whatever button you use if you're on console). A lot of monsters will start button sequences if they get close so always have a finger on E.


Chapter 1

Upon saving, keep going through all the extremely linear hallways until you see two armed dudes.

Once trying to kill you, they'll be eaten by the ceiling.

Keep moving forward!

Upon seeing your first non-crazy cannibal you'll meet a serial killer who may or may not want to kill you. He won't start any button sequences, so chill out.

After he stops trying to gut you like a cornish game hen, he'll point you out to a locker containing a medkit and a Fle--Flashlight.

Basically every locker or compartment with a bluish light on it will contain goodies if you press E on them. Take the medkit and the flashlight and press Q to use the medkit.

After he saves your life, he will promptly seppuku.

I'm not exactly respectful for his aid. By the way, Mouse 1 when you aren't aiming to Punch and Spacebar to Curbstomp. If you don't desecrate his corpse then I'm dissappointed.

If you feel like i'm skipping too far ahead between every picture, don't worry. Press G to find the right of way and you'll be back on track even when my directions don't make sense.

You can even press the up/down arrows on the locator to make it change to pretty colors! Impress the necromorphs with your fancy LED display.

Keep on heading forward till you get to this compartment. Press E on it and keep going.

Prepare for combat. You'll be dropped out of a chute and forced to press E to stop this poor gentlemen's interrupted open-heart surgery.

Isaac will outfit himself with magical telekinet---I mean Kinesis. Press F on the spears that dropped out of the operating table and break the glass with them.

Then, with the spears, promptly meet the two cannibals that come out with lethal force.

Don't forget, once you've finished your mini caribou hunt you can always Punch or Kick (M1/F) on the kills to get some neat loot like Credits or a Med-kit.

Head to an elevator and prepare for a likewise fight except with more cannibals and some openable lockers for goodies.

You won't have much time to lollygag around. Take some extremely convienient spears and annihilate some necromorphs. Remember to smack them corpses!

After leaving the observation room, you'll happen upon another poor gentleman's open heart surgery. The problem is that he is still alive. Rectify this anomaly.

Quickly end his life by pressing E on this console. Prepare for some cannibals to scavenge the leftovers.

Once the cannibals get to him, you'll have yourself a new heart surgery tool. Feel free to use it by using MOUSE-2 to aim and MOUSE-1 to fire. Aim for the arms so they can't shank you.

After successfully murdering three innocent people you can move on to the hallways.

You'll be attacked again, so this is the only time you can claim this was an act of self-defense. The last two cannibals were actually security.

After that, you'll be greeted by a man who's heart still hasn't been stilled by surgery. Don't bother following him as he manages to escape you.

Another attack. Remember, blasting away at them just wastes ammo. Press spacebar to change the Plasma Cutter's mode of attack and dismember them.

After that, the lights will dim and all the cannibals will be gone. Come to the desk and take this Power Node. They're represented by purple dots and are vital to your survival.

Keep moving on. Press E first on the glowing window with the cogs.

You'll get a prompt to "hack" a terminal. Just rotate the lit-triangle till you hit a blue space and then press Mouse 1. Repeat ad nauseam.

Right after that, you'll be met with a crazy berserker who'll kill you immediately if he gets to you. Press C [Stasis] to slow him, then turn him into mincemeat with your gun.

After slaughtering that fellow, you'll be greeted by a door that's been engineered to piss you off. Stasis it with C before it has the chance to close so you can pass.

You'll be met by some pukers having their way with a poor girl. Be her man in shining armor by cutting off both pukers' limbs.

Continue for some more Power Nodes (purplish dots).

After meeting up with your flashlight girlfriend you'll be met with a decompression chamber. Just shoot the red triangle above it to seal the hatch before you're sucked out into space.

Take a turn or two and be met with Houdini who possessed a corpse. Free his arms from his body with your weapon and save.

Don't forget the power node!

Then you can go use the store with E.

If you've dabbled in multiplayer before you've played the campaign you might be seeing a lot of free merchandise. Enjoy the quite advanced suits that you may get.

If you do not have the same free stuff as I did, don't worry. The bonuses are practically nonexistent and mostly cosmetic.

Lookin' baws.

However, I personally want to have a challenge, so I sold all that free stuff and got the Engineering Suit. You can wear whatever suit you want though.

Keep moving forward, you'll enter a vacuum. Don't worry about this just yet as 120 seconds is plenty for you to walk to the end of the hallway.

You'll enter a large room with boxes of ammo and a stasis recharge station. This just screams "boss fight."

Keep an eye on this stasis machine as you'll need to use it periodically if you enjoy life.


Keep moving away from this thing whilst spamming Stasis and shooting its yellow bulbs for legs.

Once its first leg comes off after your first salvo, it gets a lot easier.

Then the other...

Then it drops a Semiconductor! You can find these things spread out all over Dead Space. Sell them at Stores for credits to buy meds and ammo.

Keep moving on (remember to branch off from the main path to find credits and nodes!) until you see this glowy window. Use kinesis (F) on it to move it and then get inside with E.

Isaac will crawl into it and then you can press E at the end of the linear hallway.

Chapter 2

I'll spend my credits on a Javelin Gun, ammo and medkits. You can buy whichever you want, but i recommend medkits and ammo more than a new weapon already.

Shop till ya' drop

Next to the Store you'll find a Bench. You can use Power Nodes to upgrade your weapons, suit, and stasis. I recommend to save one node for unlocking special closets.

Keep moving till you walk into a room with a treadmill, and prepare to shoot a Necromorph that is sprinting at 20 mph to slice you.

Feel free to save!

This is why I recommended you save a power node. Closets like these can mean the difference between life or death, so always have ONE node.


Keep following your locater till you see a doomed woman, prepare for some necromorphs.

Aim for the arms!

After you head to the elevator you'll find this man being sloppily garroted by a failure of an assassin.

Stross will then proceed to spam Isaac with pointless facetime phone calls, after which a Leaper will pop out from the railings to try to eat you.

Fortunately, I smacked it away.

Proceed and you'll see a doomed couple running from a room that contains a Puker.

A slasher will also join the fun.

Reminds me of the Exorcist really, don't let that thing get close to you or else you'll lose half your health instantly from the puke.

After the Mother-in-Law has been vanquished, turn to see her special friend trying to put on her make-up (with your blood)

Whoops, she bit me. Every monster in Dead Space will do button sequences like these. Just mash E and hope that you don't get eaten.

After you head forward, the lights will dim and the doors will lock, prepare.

Slashers and Pukers will all pop out. Just aim for the arms and stasis when they get too close.

Keep heading forward and you may hear some nutjob yelling at you to go away, so might as well not mess with him (HE'S ARMED!)

Open your inventory. Move your cursor to the middle row.

Then move it down, Isaac will headbang. Proceed as many times as possible.

The Elevator will yield a save station which you should definitely use.

Proceed and more slashers will pop out.

Enjoy the "wow explushins" as people's lungs are sucked from their chests if they survive being turned to kibble from the explosion in a vacuum.

When you proceed to this second treadmill area, a feigning-death Slasher and Leaper will pop out to hinder you.

If you decide to not be 2spooked then keep moving forward and the doors will lock yet again. Turn around to the cries of yelps and you'll see some goddamn Exploders. I shot his arm off :)




If you successfully shoot off their arm then you can use Kinesis to propel it to the faces of other Exploders (or slashers).

Exploders will also pop out from behind.

Once all exploders have..exploded, the doors will conveniently unlock and you can proceed down this ominous hallway where nothing creepy will happen.

Just joking, flashlight is here to illuminate your way.

Once you get near the train you'll see an Infector practicing necrophili---i mean making more Slashers. You can't shoot him past the glass, but if you see an unprotected Infector you should most likely shoot the shit out of it.

Head forward into the train and get into the crawlspace.

The train will start and Slashers will start popping out, keep heading forward into the train after the zombies stop coming.

These pukers will also be trying to get the jump on you. Shooting him in the chest will stop a puke.

Electroshock therapy can also stop his nausea.

If you manage to reach the end, Isaac will try to commit getting to the other end of the train.


Isaac will then jump, control him with the arrow keys to get out of the way of these doors.

Then it'll start a button sequence to get you up.

It's not over though, once Isaac lands ass-first onto the metal floor, more zombies will come to make your day.

The train will then lurch and Isaac will fall again, ass-first and begin to slide. You don't need to shoot anything on this part, so save ammo for what's going to come.

Don't be as stupid as me, using the Javelin Gun on this part is suicide. Don't bother shooting the necromorphs, either.

Isaac will then hang, and Slashers will come.

First, some slashers, then exploders. Then LOTS of slashers. Don't let them get to you.

If you survived the slashers, you'll hear a horrendous screech and turn to see a zombie gorilla trying to mess with the train. Shoot his arms to end his efforts.

Once he's lost an arm, Isaac will then GTFO of there.

Chapter 3

Keep moving forward, you'll see a little zombie, shoot it if you want but prepare for a Slasher up ahead.

A large hallway, guess what's going to swarm you? If you have any spare medkits, I'd keep a finger on Q if I were you.

You'll be attacked. A single shot to the arm will kill these things, so going into berserker mode and wasting 3 shots on one will most likely end up in your death.

Once the Pack is dead, Stross will spam you and ask for credit-card information. Ignore his pleas, he uses Western Union only.

There'll be a Store and a Save Station. Feel free to buy ammo +medkits and/or a new gun. I personally prefer the Line Gun as it does serious damage to larger zombies.

Passing a large food court you'll happen upon an Elevator that you need to hack into.

Keep moving forward, and you'll see some fragile glass.

And a zombie.

And LOTS of zombies, shoot the glass to save yourself an unwinnable fight, but prepare to shoot the red triangle at the top or you'll join them in space.

Bam, red triangle.

It doesn't end there, more Pack will try to kill you, but not nearly as big as a crowd as where the last Store was.

When you get out of there you'll happen upon this fellow who teaches you how to use Kinesis to kill a zombie, ignore him and destroy his corpse as I don't like his face.

You'll find a Bench, Save Station, and a desk to press E on to proceed. I recommend you use all but one power node on the Bench and then press the desk to continue.

Press the console and the compactor will start and you can finally enter Zero-Gravity.

The zombies won't let you though, and pukers/slashers + 1 exploder will try to stop you. Invite them to meet Plasma Cutter.

In Zero-G, press Alt (if you didn't get the hint) to float. Shift boosts speed. Try to nab the loot floating around.

Landing on the platform next to where the Locator tells you to go will show you this console to start up the...turbine engine? I have no idea what it is, but it spits out trash.

Exit that room and you'll have to press Shift to progress in here.

Land on the platform to the right of the turbine-engine thingamajig to be able to proceed.

As you proceed, the lights will dim, but only this Slasher will come to challenge you, so don't be scared.

If you saved a power node like I very, very, GENTLY, recommended you do, use it on this closet for 10,000+ credits and a possibly lifesaving medkit.

Then, use kinesis on this Companion Cube and put it in its receptacle to progress.

Past that door, a Power Node will be in its shelf for the taking.

Once you arrive in the Scien---Unitology center you'll be greeted with these Swarmers, you can shoot them individually or use stuff like the Pulse Rifle's grenade or Javelin Gun's electrocution ability with Space to dispatch them all.

Proceed, and find a Slasher feigning death coupled with some Swarmers, I recommended the Javelin Gun for moments like these.


If a swarmer gets to you, it'll start a button sequence (but won't interrupt gameplay) that'll drain your health if you ignore it. More than ten swarmers is a death sentence, five and above is horrific on higher difficulties.

Once you reach the horse-nightlight room, Flashlight will say Hi again.

Keep on moving, and a Star Wars gunship will try to give you a retina examination, proceed as it's a terrible opthalmologist.

A slasher will pop out of this room once you proceed, just light it up if it knocks you down. An elevator will be here, so head there too.

Save after the elevator, esssssssssssspecccciallyyyyyy if you're low on health. Seriously, this part is very tricky on higher difficulties.

An open hallway, not a boss fight exactly but almost as tricky as one.

Infectors, pukers, and exploders will pop out. Focus on the Infectors before they create more problems, then the pukers.

Electroshock Therapy!

Once you KILL THEM ALL the door will unlock and you can go ahead.

You'll happen upon this hallway where you can listen to some boring lore if you want or just proceed.

The next room, that opthalmologist will be angry that you didn't pay the bill and quickly try to shoot you.

It's harmless though as they can't aim.

Chapter 4

Oxygen will return in a few seconds after 'Chapter 4' dissipates from the screen.

I recommend you don't follow the locator for a second so you can head to the Store and the Bench in the Gift Shop just the other way from the Locator line.

Save station here, too.

A power node is also in the Reading Wing near the gift shop as well.

So is Flowerface.

After you find the Power Node, Stross will spam facetime with you again.

Keep following the Locator till you happen upon this room, filled with Pukers, Slashers, and oh-so-fun Infectors. Don't get overwhelmed, aim for the Infectors.

Once they're all dead, head to the cargo lift just past this door.

After some troublesome pukers you'll happen upon another glass-window room that has a tiny little puzzle to it.

See this flap? Kinesis it off.

Then kinesis another flap behind you till you find a little box which you can then Kinesis into this port to progress.

Slashers will then ambush you, feel free to shoot out the glass (but don't forget the triangle!)

The door will malfunction, slamming like crazy, so try to Stasis it till you can pass by without dying.

After Flashlight makes an appearance (Is her name like, Nicole or something?) you'll happen upon another save station.

Head into the crawlspace, but prepare for a button sequence with Flashlight, where you'll stand eye to eye....

Ha ha, I make great puns. Press E before your eye exam takes a turn for the worse.

Isaac will then realize he's about to seppuku.

A power node will be on the table right after Isaac stops going crazy.

Proceed to this large room, you'll be hounded by these little chargers called Stalkers once you get downstairs via cargo lift. Stop them with a Javelin Gun, or if you're too cheap then use the spears on the ground.

After you make a dialogue with Daina about the door splitting in twain, the Stalkers will show. You cannot stop their charge, only via stasis or their death. IF they hit you they'll take off a large amount of HP and retreat.

Luckily, they come one at a time.

Once the Stalkers are dead you can proceed to the Funeral-ery-ry wing (whatever the game called it) where you'll be attacked by some Slashers and Swarmers. Man, this game loves the letter S.

Proceed to the elevator and mention to this fine fellow that he is a terrible actor with a spear to the face. I mean he's feigning death and will slash you.

Proceed down the hallway to chapter 5.

Chapter 5

Welcome to the Cryogenics wing! Keep following the locator and bashing in lockers, because the necromorphs are about 3 rooms ahead.

Doors, doors, doors.

Isaac will spaz out, once he does you're about halfway to the necromorphs.

A few rooms in and Pukers will bash themselves out of cryostasis, so prepare for a fite.

Another room, and you'll be attacked from all sides by both Pukers and Slashers.

After the Necromorphs die you'll happen upon the gravity control room or something, which is a brainless puzzle.

Simply use the cargo lift down to this spinny ball thing, and prepare to use Kinesis.

Hack the terminal first.

Then drag down all the arms that pop down with Kinesis to the ball until they stick.

If an arm turns orange and starts to make a ticking sound then Stasis the ball and put another arm onto it before it retracts.

Once completed, gravity will turn off. Press ALT and fly up.

Head up to the ceiling where the garbage chute is, fly in it before it closes (if it closes too fast try Stasis)

Then, reactivate gravity.

After Daina sends you <3 and xoxoxo over Facetime feel free to shop and use the bench.

The schematic for the Security Suit was somewhere in Chpt 4. If you didn't find it, don't worry.

Lookin' baws.

In the next room, you can activate the save station and the crawlspace by kinesis moving these pylons.

After the crawlspace you'll meet your first baby-zombie. Shoot its tentacles off to kill it easy.

After some slashers you'll meet this open hallway. You know that there's a bossfight coming. Equip the Plasma Cutter as most weapons will be ineffective here, until the Pack comes atleast.

BOSS TIME! Shoot the glowing yellow bulb that says SHOOT ME to kill this thing.

After it lets you go and runs away like a pansy the Pack will come, equip whatever weapon you feel best (preferably Pulse Rifle or Line gun) to take these things down by the hundreds.

Move forward on the stairways and you'll be met with a cacophany of Puker, Exploder and Slasher cries. Meet them with a salvo of gunfire.

After they're all dead then you'll happen upon a room with a lone disabled Stalker. It's kind of sad...

Once you reach the elevator and use it, don't go to the locator's directions just yet. Head to this room Isaac is ignoring to look at is hand and you'll find a power node + save station.

Once Isaac finds Daina he'll be betrayed and restrained (despite being in a 80 kg suit and armed)

Luckily a gunship will come and shoot the bitch and the guys holding your arms.

Unfortunately for you, It wants you dead as well. Prepare for this button sequence or it'll getcha!

Once Isaac falls through a chute..........(take out the plasma cutter!)

He'll be given a very warm welcome!

Simply shoot at the yellow arm every time you're in control of Isaac to piss it off.

Once it lets you go, use kinesis on the door Isaac is looking at and Stasis the bigass motherf*cker behind you and RUN!

Once the gunship comes, it's not over yet!

You two will be blasted into space, prepare to shoot a gas tank to escape.

Shoot the gas tanks the gunship's leaking!



Chapter 6

Stross will facetime you again and give you a new objective since Daina's dead and so is everyone else you know and love. Press B and head on your way!

Proceed to a save station, use it!

Keep moving till Stross harasses you again, then take the elevator.

Once you happen along the big corridor, prepare. You're going to meet a new necromorph called the Pregnant that'll blow up with delish swarmers if you shoot its tummy.

Aim for the arms, don't shoot its stomach then its arms or it'll cut itself open and you'll have created more problems than before.

A buttload of leapers will then come out, take them out whilst watching out for any more Pregnants.

After they're all dead (a Pregnant may try to sneak attack you, watch out) then proceed to the Store.

I highly recommend you purchase the Seeker Rifle from the Store. Remember when I said the Line Gun was effective? I should've mentioned THIS baby.

It's alt-fire (space) zooms in.

In the next room you'll find these cysts on the wall that shoot explosives if you come close. Shoot them with a Plasma Cutter twice to stop that from happening.

(beware of a Slasher) These cysts shoot out these little buggers that if you're quick enough you can take them with Kinesis and use them as a really strong weapon.

Once all the cysts are dead, feel free to use the Bench and the Power closet for a medkit and some ammo.

The next room will contain a fire. Being an engineer, Isaac must become a fireman by draining the entire room of oxygen. Do this by taking out the cells from both Oxygen stations and the one on the ceiling.

Boom, oxygen gone, fire gone, proceed.

There'll be lurkers in the hallway, so prepare your weapons.

Also, bring one of those power cells from the oxygen generators so you can power the elevator. Beware the Puker who's riding it though.

He tried to scare me :(

The elevator will bring you to a Power Node and a save station. Use both!

"Prepare for stalkers, they'll be everywhere in this. I hope you brought atleast a Javelin Gun or a Detonator if you have credits to bomb.

There'll be about 5 stalkers in this maze but you can nab one or two before they can charge if you get them when they peek at you.

If you survived that, head to the end and hack a terminal to open the doors.

Stross will then phone you some dementia-fueled BS and then you'll head to a room filled with crazy cowboy girl and a shitload of necromorphs.

Get close and you'll start a cutscene

After she leaves, take the elevator she used and walk into a room full of cysts, a pregnant and a slasher. It's best that you observe the room before you walk.

Then comes my favorite part of this chapter: the Daycare. Get ready for some explosive babies!

Momma's boy!


The babies are slow, feeble, and explosive. If you shoot their heads, you can throw their bodies at other babies, making them amazing grenades.

After another room of babies, you'll see another room of more babies.

After a dementia fit, use the door to your left.

This is the hardest part of the daycare. I hope you brought a Pulse Rifle.....and lots of ammo.

Some Pack will try to assault you before you can do anything, meet them with Bullet.

If you go behind the bleachers, an Enhanced Puker will come and try to nab you. Enhanced means its flesh is black, has more health, and extremely dangerous. It also drops enhanced loot!

Head backstage and hack the terminal to begin. You'd best use that stasis capsule.

Pack, explosive babies, and an Infector will all start coming at you from the Bleachers. Take them all out with any weapon (plasma cutter won't CUT it here, hurhurhaha).

This is what success looks like.

Take that Power Node! You'll start a cutscene with Nicole.

When you get to an elevator, Ellie will start a dialog about Stross and some boring lore.

Use the save station and break those lockers, you're about to get a boss fight.

After some dialog with Ellie, the lights will dim. Grab the stasis capsule and put it somewhere handy, and take out your best weapon.

To fight a brute, stasis and shoot the arms. If it charges, stasis and get out of the way by Sprinting. After some salvos from Isaac, a brute will die and drop a Ruby Semiconductor.

Once the brute and the cutscene is over, head down the hallway to meet some wall charges. Throw an object (or a bullet) past the lasers to trigger it without killing yourself.

At the end of that hallway you'll find a Guardian. These things are tough if you take your time, just shoot off the tentacles holding him to the wall to kill him.

Chapter 7

You'll find yourself in a room with a Bench, Store, and some leapers/slashers. Get ready.

You'll get some dialog about fixing an elevator, head out into the zero-gravity environment and head below the giant elevator/cube. Shoot the thrusters below it to get it blasting upwards and into the correct place.

Then head back, preparing for a fight with some creepy Necromorphs.

These things will break into your elevator en masse, just shoot their arms till they back off. You won't die from lack of oxygen, so just worry about killing these things.

After thats over, you'll be dumped into a room full of cysts and some lockers. Keep an eye out.

The fun part: You meet an evil AI called ANTI who's an annoying bitch and tries to kill you.

Take the poor guy "sleeping" on the bed and make the door scanner to the left of where you first met ANTI scan his corpse to let you inside.

ANTI will realize your shenanigans and try to kill you with laser traps, throw something or shoot the trap to get rid of it.

When you get to the next room, ANTI will fuck you over by placing you between the glass and releasing necromorphs. Just shoot the triangle.

Once completed, hack the nearest terminal to power the cargo lift so you can proceed.

Tiedemahoweveryaspellit will open some dialog, just ignore him.

When you proceed, ANTI will then shut off the air supply, leading you to face a few Stalkers. You need to hack a terminal at the end of the hallway to turn on the air.

You'll pop up into the mainframe. ANTI will be there spouting some stuff about you to stay away, just keep going. Some minor puzzles here.

For now, you don't need to touch this yet, just head into the crawlspace.

Take all the plugs and put them into the right outlets till they're all green so the console which you can press shows up.

Some Enhanced slashers will show up. Dispatch them, then go to the other side by rerouting the crawlspace and repeat what you did.

Once you completed the 'puzzle' the circuits will show up. Punch them all till they explode to shut off ANTI and move forward.

After some Necromorphs, Ellie will hold a dialogue and you'll proceed down a hallway. Beware of some cysts.

Then you'll come onto this room filled with leapers, lurkers, and slashers.

Take that power closet for some medkits and credits. Save here, it'll be hard from now on.

Hack into the terminal and prepare for some spacewalking!

Nicole will yell at you again, after that ends press the blue terminal (already pressed here) and exit the door that unlocks.

You'll open the door into space, quickly press Alt to unlatch and fly over to that mirror in the background.

Click E on the mirror's console, that'll start Kinesis, just drag the mirror so its light aligns with the panel to the top right.


Keep an eye on your oxygen, if it goes below 30 seconds then get your ass to a station or you run the risk of dying.

Once you hover over to the second mirror a glowing baby Cthulhu will arise and attempt to throw homing squids at you. It's a waste of ammo to shoot down the homing missiles, so just avoid with Shift+Direction.

Shoot the big yellow bulbs to kill it, which it'll drop a Ruby Semiconductor worth big $$$.

Then, go up and align the second mirror.

The Solar Array will then power up and you can head back to the station to continue.

After heading back to the station, you must press E on a "door", really a chair, to propel Isaac into space! Yipee!

The chair will project Isaac at the speed of light, from which you'll have to avoid objects or Isaac will be turned into paint.

After a cascade of easily avoided objects and a tube, you'll be shown this mean mother hubbard, simply head into the green chute to avoid staining this huge debris.

Correct avoidance of becoming paint is shown here.

Once you survive the biggest piece of debris you'll be hurled into the space-city incredibly fast. Aim for the glowing tower, you honestly can't miss it.

After some tumbling, Isaac will then land in a pretty epic way, some lockers and medkits will be available to you, including a Store and a Save Station.

Continue into the next room to be reunited with Stross and Ellie.

After dialogue, the room will lose oxygen and Necromorphs will attack you until Ellie opens the door for you (just survive, it takes about a minute.)

After opening the door, you get to see Ellie's face and hear Ellie's whining.

Chapter 8

The next room will yield a store, and the room to the left will provide a Power closet that has ammo, 10,000 credits and a power node. You'd be stupid to not do that. It also has a schematic for a new suit. Do it.

Slashers won't take kindly to this, so be careful of them ambushing you.

The Vintage Suit costs 40,000 credits but its store discount ability can be extremely useful, so sell some semiconductors and/or a weapon. I highly recommend it.

Careful of a Pregnant ambush!

Keep heading forward, reuniting with Stross and Ellie who'll tell you to go into Processing.

Slashers won't take kindly to that either.

Remember those thrusters from that elevator a few chapters ago? Attach them to these blast doors to open them.

Tiedemann will contact you when you get farther into Processing, spouting some propaganda BS and turning on the processing.

Use stasis on this grinder to get past with some precision. If you have a Stasis Pack leftover you can use that too on the grinder just behind it to make things a bit easier.

Beware of lurkers! They'll come getcha after the Grinders.

To get past the beams of light, simply Stasis the hammer that's moving vertically, then quickly get past it.

More lurkers will show, kill them then proceed to these Spinny things, just stasis one and pass by it, EZ PZ.

This is gonna be hard. I recommend you shoot that giant cyst at the end before you try to get close to make it easier to avoid the homing projectile. I also recommend that you have the Seeker Rifle.

But once you shoot it, it'll activate! Just hit the bulbs.

Quickly get past the rings of fire and use some thrusters on this blast door.

You'll then arrive where Stross and Ellie were a few minutes ago. Beware of a stalker that'll try to ambush you past the corner, then get the power node here.

After opening the door, you'll reunite with the two, and you'll get to do a pretty tedious puzzle now. Save.

Chapter 9

You'll be attacked by leapers and slashers! Watch out!

After crossing a room full of pukers you'll face your first Divider. I think there's only two in the game, so savor this moment, because he's pretty hard to kill.

A few rooms after the Divider and you'll see the omnipresent fragile glass wall. Back up, slashers and an EXPLODER will come out, spelling your doom if you don't shoot the glass. IF you shoot it when you're too close, you'll be sucked out into space.

The room after that, you'll have a fork in the road. The one with the blue lasers you should get past (either by throwing objects into it) because there's a schematic at the end you might want to get.

When you take the other path, you'll be met with a Guardian. I recommend the Line Gun's alternate fire to get rid of these things easy.

Fast forward to the cargo lift that malfunctions and you'll be ambushed by an Exploder. Fortunately, I'm a quick draw, so it lost its arm attempting to scare me. You might not be as quick, but don't worry, Stasis!

After the Exploder, a Pregnant will come, followed by Slashers, so you might want to save that exploding arm for this thing.

You'll come across a socket for three items. The first one, the disc, is located in the right wing of that room.

The second is located in this shelf opened by Kinesis.

The third is held by this Kinesis door that closes fast if you don't stasis it. What an amazing puzzle! Grab the object.

Once the puzzle is completed you can turn the transport on.

After the tram is on and you click the console inside, the dynamic duo will enter and liven up the place.

After they let you off you'll be met with another Stalker show. Get ready, there are cysts here too.

I recommend using the Cyst-bombs (a quick Kinesis after shooting one will net you the bomb it shoots out for your use) against the Stalkers, but a good Acupuncture + Electroshock therapy helps as well.

Past the stalker room, another guardian is here. Use the line gun!

This hallway is filled with cysts, careful.

(The cyst-hallway also has a store you can use) The room after will hold lots of bombs and a surface to throw the bombs at. A bomb dispenser behind you will also allow you to make up the deficit when you run out of bombs. Shoot it at the red thing in the background.

Once it's blown up, the cargo lift will let you down and then you'll have to repeat the process, but with those monsters from the end of chapter 1 harassing you.

Use the bomb canisters on the objective as well as the monsters to get two birds with one stone. After bombing the objective, you can get on the cargo lift back to the transport and GTFO.

Then, after a long cutscene, you'll all decide to head to the Ishimura.

Chapter 10

Do I have to tell you to save every time you see a station? Yes I do.

Follow the Locator then press E on the console here to progress.

You'll find a bench in the next room. Use all but one of your nodes.

Ah...a long hallway. Surely there'll be a bossfight here?

Nope, but....what a long hallway. You should prepare for a fight.

Use stasis + a great single shot weapon such as the Seeker Rifle / Contact Beam to kill it!

There'll be a second one, so hope you have enough ammo!

After the brutes you'll be attacked by some Enhanced necromorphs, if you die to these things after killing the brutes then shamefur dispray.

Use the lift and continue following the locator, rest at this Store. I recommend you sell the Line Gun if you have it as its effectiveness dwindles extremely fast now.

Keep following the locator, necromorphs will try to ambush you on your way.

Pregnants will appear behind you, so watch out!

If you survived killing all those, keep moving.

To fix the centrifuge, hit Alt to hover and Kinesis all of the floating blinking cubes into the correct sockets in the huge pillar in the middle. They'll glow green if they're in the right place.

Once it's fixed head to the console and hit E to start it up. Luckily you won't need to bother with the hammer of death that starts spinning rapidly.

Keep moving, and OH GOD! TENTACLE!

Fortunately it was just an illusion.

Once you head back to the Disinfectant Room, necromorphs will attack.

First the Pack, then Enhanced Pukers + Slashers.

They'll also attack you when you step outside from the room.

Two slashers will attack when you step near the tram.

Press the big huge console to start the tram.

It'll drop you off in a fluorescent blue hallway that looked like an alien couple had their Honeymoon in here. Keep going forward.

The open room that the Locator will bring you to is full of Slashers and Exploders. Be extremely careful.

Hack this terminal, but beware of the Slashers and Pukers that'll be behind you.

Following the Locator will bring you here, use Kinesis to bring the walkway to you so you can progress.

It's best to snipe the enhanced Leapers and Slashers that's down here before you get on the lift, or they'll eviscerate you in seconds.

To stop the deadly electricity, pull out the power cell.

This power closet you'll find is full of primarily medkits. Open it.

Follow the Locator till you get into Zero-Gravity, beware of Lurkers in the tram corridor you'll have to get into.

If you survived the Lurkers you'll have to get past the Stalkers and Pukers in this room. The Stalkers are Enhanced, so I recommend a power node upgraded Seeker Rifle.

Save here.

Head to the Captain's Nest and hold E on the console. Afterwards, head outside and get in the escape pod.

You'll be rewarded with a long cutscene and a very inappropriate Snapchat pic of Stross XxX Ellie.

Chapter 11

There'll be a Bench and a Save Station right off the ship.

Past that room will be a large hallway filled with Enhanced Stalkers. I believe this is one of, if not, the last time you'll see these horrific motherfuckers. Seriously, Hardcore mode is impossible with these things. Good luck, and use stasis.

If you survived, keep moving and hack the terminal to progress.

Careful, the next hallway is full of cysts.

But luckily it leads to a Store and a save station.

Instead of following the Locator head down the ramp, but beware Enhanced Pukers and Slashers.

Replace the empty power cell in the background with this one from the handy-dandy power cell dispenser built for occasions like these.

The lights will turn on, and Necromorphs will swarm you. Keep your bearings and Stasis will literally save your life in many occasions.

Keep going, eventually Stross will threaten you with his new Eyepoker.

Suddenly, a Tentacle will grab Isaac and hurl him out into space. The catch is that this time, the tentacle is real.

These cysts will be here to piss you off some more, just evade the missiles and blast it for a Semiconductor.

Trying to head back will quite literally cost an arm and a leg, instead turn back and look for a Thruster dispenser.

These repurposed empty Turbine engines are Thruster dispensers.

Take a Thruster, put it on the laser source, and blast it out of the way. Repeat for the other laser source.

Head back inside, beware of the cysts that'll gib you if you don't gib them.

After some more Enhanced Necromorphs, keep going till you see the laser door, instead of wasting ammo, why not let Johnny here do all the work?

Thanks Johnny!

Turn around for a Power Closet filled with goodies, and a schematic for one of the last suits in the game.

Then, go forward out of the closet to another cyst filled hallway.

At the end of the hallway, start hacking the console, I know you want to....

Stross will try to take your eye before you can finish hacking the console, starting a button sequence.

Like a dumbass, Isaac presents his hooded face for Stross to perforate. Mash E to turn the tide.

Stross will have gotten what came to him once E has been mashed.

But not until I teach him not to scare me....

Head past the room you were in with the Power Cell dilemma, going through a door that was locked before. You'll find yourself in an elevator and Slashers will be raining on you. Prepare Stasis.

Burn, baby, burn!

That's not the end of the button sequences howeever, at the end of the elevator ride Nicole will SLAM Isaac into a wall and try to choke him out. Mash E!


Once Isaac isn't dead, Nicole will realize she's not a flashlight anymore.

Taking advantage of the store behind Nicole and the Advanced Suit Schematic, I went ahead and bought it. Helps out with stasis duration. You should buy it too. (36,000 credits)

Prepare for...

Chapter 12

As soon as you head off the ramp, Ellie will tell you to fix this giant machine.

The power cell required is to the left, surrounded by cysts.

After you bring it back, Ellie will request a circuit board.

Head up the rock ramp, but turn to the left and Kinesis this Diamond Semiconductor for $LOADSAMUNNEY$

Heading to the objective will have you greeted by Slashers.

The circuit Board is removed via Kinesis then taken as an item. Take it back to the drill to start the fun.

You'll have to hack the terminal to continue. The Pack will come after you though whilst Ellie turns around and drops the lift for you.

Once you're on the Drill, Ellie will drive into the tunnel. Slashers and Pukers will climb onto the drill and Lurkers will be shooting spines at you from the walls. Keep an eye on the ledges as Semiconductors and Medkits will be on it as well.

And don't go near the drill.

Once you're far in, Ellie will start to drill into the Government Sector.

Which propels Isaac into a wall...whew, what a short chapter.

Chapter 13


Head out to the hallway and press the console which'll start a long cutscene.

Oh baby....

Tiedemann's fat face will come spammail you, head on to the Store and purchase as much ammo and medkits as you can.

A lot of necromorphs will come after you in this room, use Stasis and preferably the Contact Beam's alternate fire.

Once all the necromorphs are dead head to the door and hack the terminal to open the door.

Simply head to the bathroom to your left, anything more will get you shot.

In the bathroom, get to the crawlspace and start crawling!

Once in the observing room, take out the power cell and then the soldiers will be completely SWARMED with necromorphs.

It's pretty scary to look at honestly, EA did a great job with these last chapters.

Head downstairs and prepare for a fight, some Infectors coupled with Slashers and lots of Pukers.

If you survive, head into the room. Nicole will allow you to use your Locator to find the Marker.

To get past the force field, take this guy's corpse and scan it.

Be careful unlocking doors, unless you're into this type of thing.

In this power closet is a LOT of goodies. I say open it!

The last divider in the game. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Isaac's into asphyxiation, don't worry.

Remember when I wrongfully predicted the last of Stalkers? I lied. This is the last place where you'll find stalkers, and they come with Pukers. Every monster you'll encounter is Enhanced from now on so I don't have to mention it.

If you kill the Stalkers, take the power cell from the ceiling and replace it with the one on the door here to progress.

To get past the laser room, first clear the necromorphs out then....

Stasis the laser that is heading TOWARDS you when you EXIT the door. Then HAUL ASS!

You'll make it to a lift, where you can power down the lasers and use kinesis to take down a bridge to get to the other side.

Keep heading forwards to the sound of horrific screams.

Closed stores make Isaac mad!

This next room is incredibly hard, so much that it won't be shamefur dispray if you lower your difficulty JUST because of this part. Exploders, pukers, and Spitting Enhanced Slashers all in one tiny room. That sound bad? Exploding babies are here too.

Keyword: Stasis. Also use Exploder arms to help out with the ones still alive.

There'll be another room just like this, and then you'll have to face a Brute.

Not JUST a brute though.


Stasis + contact beam completely nulls difficulty though, unless you've decided to play on Hardcore....

Keep moving, save, buy, and repair on the bench in this room.

Heading to the elevator will start a cutscene about the marker.

Then Isaac will head to this "Eye poke machine" and summarily give himself an eye exam.

Guide the laser EXTREMELY SLOWLY to Isaac's ever-dilating pupil, or the needle will jam into Isaac's face and that won't be fun.


Chapter 14

This guy. This guy comes right after you use the Eyepoke machine. He REGENERATES arms when you shoot them off. Just stasis him when he regenerates and hack the terminal before he comes to smack you and HAUL ASS!

Run run run!

Blow that puker up!

Blow that boss up!

Take that man's corpse and scan the door with him to get out of here before the boss overwhelms you.

Blast that puker!

Call the elevator!

Get into a button sequence!

Run into this room and turn off the gravity.

To get past, stasis this hammer...

And dodge the fire.

Turn on the gravity again when you're at the other end.

This Power Closet contains nothing but a power node and a random ammo for one gun, so do it.

This is the last safe room in the game. It's your call on if you want to buy stuff here.

Chapter 15

Stasis him and quickly run past, blasting away Leapers and Pukers.

Don't be as hasty as I am, getting into a button sequence with an Enhanced on ZEALOT or higher is a death sentence.

If he gets in your way of running in one direction, simply blast off his arms, stasis, run!

Take the cargo lift here, you're nearly through!

He'll show up in the last linear hallway there is. Blow off his limbs and stasis.

Break the fuse to shut the door and shut him out.

Nothing to do but go there.

Tiedemann will open fire, spam E till the button sequences end.


Isaac will then disarm Tiedemann.

And then you can execute him.

Nicole will then try to kill you one more time, this time, prepare for a fight.

Simply shoot the shit out of Nicole till the background explodes into yellow.

Then shoot towards the yellow. Rinse and repeat a few times, but watch out for the Pack, they can kill you very fast. Also, don't let Nicole get close to you.

Isaac will then get back into reality....starting a cutscene.

Ellie will then bomb the roof, making Isaac fly up to the gunship. Control Isaac and don't let him smash into a rock.

Simply avoid the rocks whilst heading for Ellie.

The last button sequence of the game...whoo....


Victory nap.

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