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Deadpool Walkthrough Chapter 6 - Death, Baby

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The chapter will start off with Deadpool hanging by a thead.

You will have to repeatedly press 'X' to climb up your intestines, and then press 'Z' to cut your own intestines.

Deadpool will land on a guard's head.

Kill the rest of the guards.

After dealing with the guards, an explosion will occur and Deadpool will be sent in another dimension where a cutscene will start playing, showing a date between Deadpool and The Death itself. 'She' will ask you to free 3 souls and restore your body afterwards.

Once Deadpool's body is restored and sent back in his dimension, you will have to pull the lever shown in the cutscene at the beginning of the chapter and then get back to the minecart.

The lever you pulled earlier opened a door that leads to the minecart tracks.

At the end of the track, you will meet Cable. Get out of the minecart and help him get rid of all the clones.

Once you are done killing every enemy, rendezvous with Death in front of the three statues of the souls that need to be set free.The green statue is named "Hear no evil", the purple one is "See no evil" and the orange one is called "Speak no evil".

Death will ask you to pick up a statue, you can start in any order. I'll start with the green one.

After picking up the statue, follow Death to the portal and enter it by pressing 'U'.

The green portal will take you to an arena filled with enemies.

After dealing with the enemies down in the arena, they will start tossing a bunch of grenades, try to avoid them by running around and jumping. You will have to last 20 seconds.

Once you've escaped the arena, keep going through the catacombs, killing lots of enemies.

After taking out every enemy inside the catacombs, Death will appear asking you to follow her.

You will reach a darkened part of the catacombs, try to stay stay within the light Death produces, otherwise you will get attacked by spirits of enemies from Genosha.

After exiting the darkened part of the catacombs, head to the green portal located on the other side of the lava pool.

You will reach a sidescrolling segment, fight the enemy skeletons.

At the end of the segment, there's going to be a boss fight against the barrel throwing machine. The machine's life is shown right below Deadpool.

To defeat it, you will have to wait for the machine to launch explosive barrels and throw them back by pressing 'B'

After destroying the machine, a chest will appear. Open the chest by pressing 'U' to summon the spirit inside.

Help Cable take out the incoming clones after returning from the green portal with the spirit inside the statue.

Insert the green statue back once you've dealt with Sinister's clones.

I am going to choose the purple statue next.

Follow Death through the purple portal.

Head through catacombs once again.

You will reach a room with Sinister's clones in it, take them out.

After killing all the clones inside the room, get on the boat with Death.

Once the boat stops, head to the chest. You will have to get the three heads of Deadpooli back on the stakes in order to free the spirit inside the chest.

The first machine will require you to complete a test. transform into a giant by standing on a circle with purple light coming out of it, pull the big lever that will open the small door and turn yourself small and go through the door to complete the first test.

Transform into a giant by standing on the right circle with purple light coming out of it.

Pull the big lever that will open the small door.

Stand on the left circle to transform yourself into a small

The second machine will play a game of 'What beats what?' with you. Everytime you'll answer correctly, you will get rewarded with 5000 Deadpool points.

The third machine is protected by one of Sinister's clones that shoots purple energy balls, however this one has got more health than the ordinary ones.

After defeating the clone, head inside the cave where the last machine is. It will ask you what number you are thinking of, every answer shown in the screenshot is correct.

Once you've interacted with all the machines, head back to the chest and free the spirit inside it.

Return to Cable and help him fight against more clones.

Return the purple statue back to its place.

Pick up the last statue remaining.

Go through the yellow portal.

After entering the portal you'll have to wait in line for a ticket to a carnival ride. You can choose to patiently wait in line, or kill all the people standing in line.

Grab a ticket.

After getting a ticket, enter the minecart and keep your head down.

You will reach a shooting gallery, you will have to start shooting the bad clowns and the purple cards to get power-ups. There are going to be 3 waves. Once you've finished all of them, the spirit will be freed.

Once you've returned back, place the orange statue in the right spot.

This will be the end of the chapter, followed by a cutscene.