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Deadpool Walkthrough Chapter 5 - Landed In Prison

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The chapter will start off after crashing inside a prison and landing upside down. Start shooting at the incoming enemies. The Sentinel boot will fall down.

After waking up, you will notice that Deadpool's head is on backwards and his arm is missing. Follow the dog and retrieve your arm. Just keep in mind, the controls are reversed at this part of the chapter.

Once you've retrieved your arm, search for Rogue in the prison.

You will have to head to the Arena.

After dealing with all the enemies, you will come up to an illusion of some ladies hanging out by a poolside. You can choose to talk to every group of ladies and get an achievement for doing so, or head straight to Blockbuster.

After talking to Blockbuster, Deadpool will get out of the fantasyland.

You will have to fight some enemies inside the prison showers.

Head upstairs after dealing with all of them and activate the switch at the end of the room.

Head back downstairs and approach the broken cables, press 'U' to grab them and then repeatedly press 'Spacebar' to open the door.

Continue the chase after Blockbuster through the prison.

Use the speech bubbles to get across the sewage area with waste running through it.

Use the piles or garbage to cross the toxic river in the next room.

After crossing the toxic river and going through some hallways, you will reach a tower in the center of the prison. Use your upgraded teleportation ability to teleport further by pressing 'V' whenever you see the teleportation particles on a surface. Plant bombs on the generators.

Head through the ventilation shaft once you are done placing the bombs.

Jump out the ventilation shaft and stealthily take out the guards.

After silently taking out Sinister's guards, press 'Spacebar' to assassinate him.

Once you've assassinated Sinister, it turns out that he's not the real one. You will have to hurry up and save Rogue.

At the end of the cutscene, the game will skip directly to the boss fight.

You cannot hurt Blockbuster unless he's stunned. To stun him, you will have to press 'B' while charging at you and shoot him in the head, try to deal as much damage as you can afterwards.

After defeating Blockbuster, Deadpool will detonate the bombs placed earlier and release Rogue.

Rogue will absorb Deadpool's powers and start wearing his mask. At this point, you will get to play as Rogue.

Deal with the incoming enemies.

Deadpool will wake up shortly after and notice that Rogue is surrounded by enemies, and throw a grenade at them attempting to help her, but his dog will catch the grenade and bring it back to him. This will be the end of the chapter.