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Deadpool Walkthrough Chapter #8 - Front Gates of Eeeeevil!

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In the first part of the chapter you will have to make your way up the platforms.

On your way up the Sinister's palace you will encounter a few enemies.

The closer you will get to Sinister's palace, the more enemies you will encounter. Use all of your weapons agaist them, there's going to be enough ammo.

Once you've reached Sinister's palace, he will start sending out different types of clones that you've met throughout the game. This is the longest combat part of the chapter. If you haven't upgraded your health and weapons yet, I'd strongly recommend you to do so.

At some point, Sinister will start sending the clones made out of ice, kill them and take their guns for an easier fight.

After dealing with all the clones, Sinister will send a second wave which consists of Vertigo, Arclight and Blockbuster.

Before provoking Arclight and Blockbuster to a fight, take care of Vertigo to make the fight easier for you. She is really easy to kill, one or two bullets are enough to get rid of her. Once she's dead, you will no longer be hypnotized, making the fight a lot more easier.

The last wave will be made of Sinister's clones. They are really powerful, try to dodge their attacks by teleporting away.

Once you've dealt with all the Sinister clones, the real Sinister will appear.

Sinister will immobilize Wolverine and the rest of the team that has come to help you defeat him.

However, Sinister will accidentally get smashed by the Sentinel boot piloted by Deadpool's dog.

After Sinister's killed, the game will play one last cutscene followed by credits.

That was my Deadpool Guide, I hope you found it helpful.