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Delta Force: Black Hawk Down Walkthrough Mission #11 - Irene

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You will start the mission off at a military base, head over to the MH-6 Little Bird and get on.

Once you've made it inside the town, take out all the RPGs to avoid getting hit by a missile.

After landing on the building's roof, head inside the building and eliminate all the enemies.

Use a frag grenade to destroy the door on the first floor.

Take out all the remaining enemies behind the destroyed door and avoid killing any of the prisoners inside the room.

After taking out all the enemies inside the room, you will have to get the prisoners to the convoy.

Once you've reached the convoy, make your way to the Ranger Chalk 4.

After meeting up with the Ranger Chalk 4, take out the incoming enemies and protect the rest of the team.

Once you're finished fighting against the enemy militia, head over to Ranger Chalk 2's location to meet up with them as well.

After regrouping with Ranger Chalk 2, use the .50 caliber machine gun in the courtyard to protect the rest of the team against the last enemy attack.

The mission will come to an end once the Super Six One helicopter will get hit by a missile and crash nearby your team.