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Delta Force: Black Hawk Down Walkthrough Mission #16 - Aidid Takedown

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The final mission will take place 3 years after the Task Force Ranger have left Somalia. You will start off in a truck on your way to the drop off point.

After reaching the drop off point, follow the informant to the safehouse and make sure he doesn't get killed by enemy militia on your way there.

Do not attack the enemies inside the safehouse or else you are going to fail the mission, just keep on following the informant to Aidid's bunker.

Once you've reached the bunker's entrance, use a frag grenade to blow up the stone wall and head further inside the bunker.

As you make your way through Aidid's Underground Bunker, you will come across some enemy militia. Take them out and keep on looking for Aidid.

It might take more bullets to kill him compared to the rest of the militia because he is wearing a body armour underneath his clothes.

After eliminating Aidid, you will have to fight against the enemy back up team that has just arrived and find a way out of the bunker.

Once you've made it outside the bunker, head back to the informant who will be waiting for you at the exfiltration point marked on the map.

The mission will come to an end after successfully making it back to the truck.

That was my Delta Force: Black Hawk Down walkthrough guide, I hope you found it helpful.