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Devil May Cry Walkthrough Back to Limbo

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Back in Limbo and a new enemy appears, these guys shoot arrows and are a lot faster than the Bathos, they're called Pathos. You can quickly take care of them by using either Angel lift or Demon pull then hacking away until they're dead.

Some Stygian will spawn after you kill the Pathos. Take care of them to get the Death Knights to spawn. As usual use your Demon pull to get them vulnerable before attacking them.

Once you kill the Death Knights, it'll get hard. Especially if you have difficulty beating a Ravager. The game will spawn 2 Ravagers at the same time.

Now head back to where Kat created an exit. But before you start jumping look towards your right side.

Destroy the lost soul before you continue on your way.

Now jump towards the platforms using Angel boost until you get to the exit that Kat made.