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Devil May Cry Walkthrough Mission 06: Secret Ingredient

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This is one of the most fun levels in my opinion. As soon as you're able to walk you'll notice that there's a counter on the side. You need to move fast but that doesn't mean you can't kill some demons on the way.

Make your way down the path and use Angel Boost to jump across platforms that are too far apart. Depending on how quickly you kill demons, you may or may not have enough time to kill all of them and get to the end before the timer ends.

Use Angel lift on the cords that are on the ceiling, the last one will require you to perform an Angel boost to reach it.

Use Demon pull to create a platform for Dante to stand on and hurry over to the next platform.

Once you get to the end use Demon pull to open the hatch and Dante will automatically enter the hatch.

As soon as you regain control of Dante head over to the first pillar on the left. There's a lost soul hanging on it, eliminate if before proceeding further.

Now head on over to the small crack on the wall, there's a Divinity Statue here, purchase some items from it if you need them.