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Devil May Cry Walkthrough Boss Battle: Succubus

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As soon as the battle begins head over the the Succubus's hands and start hacking on it with Rebellion. Try to stay at the sides since most of her attacks are geared towards the middle.

After she attacks her head will be left exposed, land a couple of hits on the exposed red part for extra damage.

She'll occasionally throw up on the floor. Stepping on the liquid will damage Dante's health so head on over to either the left or right side, whichever you're closer to and use Angel lift to get on a different platform.

The Succubus will follow you to the platform and you'll be able to hack away at its hands again. Keep on slicing the hands until you empty the whole bar.

Once the Succubus falls you'll see some cables that are hooked on it. Use Demon pull to disconnect the cable and the Succubus will recover from falling.

She'll smash half the floor down and attempt to attack you, jump towards the floating pillars with the Angel lift markers on them and use those to get back to the middle platform.

The Succubus will then completely crush the floor into the lava and follow you to the next platform.

Continue hacking on the Succubus once it follows you to the platform. Keep yourself at the sides to avoid unnecessary damage.

Once you deplete the entire bar Dante will knock the Succubus down again. However, you can't reach the cables from the middle platform.

So head on over to the left or right side, depending on which one she knocked over the last time and use Angel lift to get to higher ground and pull on the cable again.

Once you've pulled the cable she'll attempt to crush you again, do the same as you did before and head back down to the middle platform via Angel lift.

Once you're on the middle platform finish off the Succubus's remaining health by once again hacking her hands.

Once the bar depletes Dante will once again knock her down one last time and a Demon pull marker will appear on her head. Use Demon pull to pull off the cable one last time.

Make your way back to the exit as soon as you regain control of Dante and keep walking forward until the Succubus re-appears again. Damned thing has the tenacity of a cockroach.

After the cut scene use Angel lift to get to the other platform and the Succubus will follow you.

Use Demon pull on the fallen pillar near the Succubus to topple it over.

Now use Demon pull again to knock her balance off one last time.

Use Angel lift to get to the other platform again and the Succubus will follow you again. Only to lost her balance and cling to a pillar.

Start slashing her hands until she lets go of the rock and gets swept away towards the propeller.

Probably not the best way to go.

Dante will also earn a new demonic weapon after killing the Succubus. The gauntlets called Eryx.