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Devil May Cry Walkthrough Unknown World II

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"Make your way to the end of the platform and this time you'll gain Ophion's second ability, Angel lift. It's basically the opposite of demon pull, as this one will lift you towards the object instead of pull them closer.

"Occasionally you may be required to jump first before you're able to see the blue ring. So jump up and then use Angel lift to get to the next platform.

Keep heading forward and you'll see a very wide gap. This time you'll have to chain the use of Angel lift. Hold Q and keep pressing the right mouse button to get to the other side.

On the next platform there's no more blue ring. So instead of latching on to a blue crystal, you'll need to use a demon to get to the other side. Kill the demon as soon as you get there and use Angel lift on the blue crystal next to the platform.

This time you'll have to chain 4 Angel lifts but there's only 3 available blue crystal to grab on.

Once you reach the last crystal you'll need to use a demon again as a post to use. Enemies will start spawning as soon as you get on this platform.

Kill all of the enemies using a combination or your learned attacks and Angel lift. This weapon is particulartly useful in getting out of tight situations such as getting horded or getting away from large bosses.

After killing the demons make your way to the end of the platform and start using Angel lift. You'll have to use it twice but the last one will be a Demon pull. Pull the floor off of the platform to automatically make Dante pull it out and jump on it.

Now jump on the next platform and destroy the statue that's holding the chain with Arbiter and you'll be sent back to the mansion.