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Devil May Cry Walkthrough Boss Battle: Hunter Demon

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Kat will throw some sort of molotov at the Hunter and inform you that you can now damage him with your guns. The battle will begin soon after that.

Go trigger happy on the Hunter as soon as the battle begins. He'll be a few yards away and you'll be able to put in some shots before he can get close.

Once he's close enough he'll attempt to attack you with his knife. Dodge the blade as soon as he lifts his hand. Make sure to always dodge to the right side. There's a chance that the blade will hit you if you dodge to the left.

After dodging him quickly start shooting at him again while moving backwards.

Once you hit the Hunter with enough bullets he'll fall back and scream, then slouch on the ground and stop moving. Kat will inform you to start using your sword.

When she does head for the Hunter and start slashing his face until he regains his composure.

Once he regains his composure he'll leap up into the sky and attempt to stab you. Keep moving around, you'll notice his shadow as he's falling so it won't be too difficult to dodge him.

After dodging him he'll climb up the metal bars and keep his distance in favor of his claw attack. The attack pattern will be the same as the previous encounter, it shouldn't be hard to dodge him. Keep shooting at him when you're not busy dodging his attacks.

Eventually he'll fall down and you'll be able to attack him. Get near him as soon as he falls down and start hacking away at his face.

He'll repeat this pattern until you get his HP down to below a fourth of his HP bar. Then he'll summon some sort of miasma that will block your field of vision.

He'll also send his huge ass knife flying at you. Don't dodge it. I made the mistake of dodging it and it took me a while of failing to dodge before I realized that you had to deflect it.

Counter the knife with your sword as it comes close and Dante will automatically send it back to the Hunter, landing a heavy blow on the demon.

He'll fall to the ground one last time and you'll be able to deliver the finishing blow.