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Devil May Cry Walkthrough Mission 02: Home Truths

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As soon as you enter limbo go forward and enter the main lobby of the mansion.

A small cut scene will show after which you're free to move about again.

Destroy the cocoons on the first floor then head up the stairs and go right. Take the door to the left and kill the Critters then smash the cocoon then head back out and towards the room on the end of the hallway. There's a key here, Grab it then head back towards the stairs.

Now climb up the left staircase and turn right as soon as the stairs end. There's an open door here with a Divinity Statue. Feel free to use it as you please.

Now head into the door directly in front of the statue. There's going to be a small cut scene as soon as you enter the room. Then some demons will spawn.

Start hacking at the lesser demons until they're all dead. Make sure to switch your attacks around to get better stylish ratings.

After finishing with the lesser demons a Death Knight will appear and attack you. He has a shield so your sword isn't really very helpful.

He'll block all of your attacks. The best way to get him is just to bombard him with everything you've got. Eventually his shiled will break and you'll be able to attack him.

After you kill the Death Knight, go near Sparda's portrait and Dante will acquire a new weapon.

The demonic battleaxe Arbiter. It's pretty slow with attacks but it deals a lot more damage than rebellion. Another perk of this weapon is its ability to smash Death Knight shields. This weapon is really useful in the game so be sure to learn how to use it.

More demons will spawn once you acquire the axe. Smash the Death Knight's shield using Arbiter, it shouldn't take more than 3 hits to destroy their shields for good.

Keep killing all of the demons that would appear until you finally finish them all off. I recommend getting skills for the Rebellion first before getting skills on the Arbiter. I found that Rebellion was a lot more useful in battles than Arbiter was. But it's completely up to your play style.

After the battle you'll hear children's laughter and you'll be enticed to come near a certain door by a lost soul. Unfortunately as you come near it the floor will shift and you'll be unable to get it. Jump down on the hole that appeared.

As you jump down turn around and you'll find another lost soul behind you. Destroy this one then head for the exit.

At the exit there's another hole that you can jump down through. Jump down then make your way to the end of the path and start jumping up the collapsed parts of the floor to get back to the main lobby of the house.

Some enemies will spawn. Kill them and head up the stairs. Turn right and follow the children into the door.

Whenever you see a door marked with criss crosses glowing red. Use the Arbiter and smash it down. Kinda like how firefighter use their axes.

Turn around as soon as you go through the doors and you'll find another lost soul. Destroy it then proceed further down the hall and follow the kids.

In the next room you'll be ambushed by 3 Death Knights. I recommend taking them down one by one. Keep your distance and use Arbiter's launch ability (E+ F) before going in and attacking them.

After killing the Death Knight there's going to be a short cut scene and you'll be transported to some other area.