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Devil May Cry Walkthrough Mission 01: Found

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A long cut scene containing a small amount of information in the world of Devil May Cry. Dante will also be introduced as a younger version of the Dante from the previous games.

As soon as the game begins you'll be put up against a bunch of Lower Stygians. Dante will summon his blade named Rebellion.

This battle is mainly just to teach you the basic combos of the weapon and to help you get a feel of the combat system, including how to evade and a few og the field items that you can pick up when you kill demons.

After killing all the demons that spawned, the girl will call your atttention. Follow her across the path that was previously blocked by dark matter.

Occasionally words will spring out of floors, which usually hint what you're going to go through next. For example in the next scene the words "No escape" will appear on the walkway and you will be required to run as fast as you can.

Start running and make your way across the walkway. Make sure to hold the jump button to extend the length of your jumps.

"The second gap is a little bigger than the first and it's also a lot trickier to get across. Make sure to jump when you get at the edge of the walkway so you won't come short in your jump and fall in the gap.

Once you get across, run towards the train and jump on it. A small cut scene will play after that.

After the cut scene you're acquire Dante's prized guns, Ebony and Ivory. These guns don't do a lot of damage but are great for juggling enemies and continuing combos.

You'll be put up agains a new type of enemy called Bathos. Their defence is pretty low but they throw bombs at you which can cause a good amount of damage.

Start shooting at them and picking them off one by one. You can also jump in the air and attempt to attack them with your sword if you don't like using the guns. Make sure to evade and avoid the blast radius of their bombs.

"Once you kill all of the Bathos, Lower Stygians will appear again but this time they'll be mixed in with the Bathos making it more difficult to deal with them.

"Take care of all the demons. Try to avoid getting damaged as much as possible. If you don't get hit that means you'll get more EXP for upgrades.

After you kill all of the enemies the path will clear and you'll be able to proceed. First off you'll see these little spider looking creatures on the floor. They're called Critters. Shoot them with your guns and they'll give you some red orbs. Proceed down the ghost train attraction and a small cut scene will play.

After the cut scene you'll have a small introduction towards lost souls. Destroy it using your blade to release it. Whenever you find these guys remember that you can only destroy them using Rebellion. Any other weapon won't work on them.

Before you head forwardm turn left first. You'll see a broken bridge that you can use to get to the other side. Start jumping across the gaps.

On the other side you'll find a key floating on the higher floor. Jump up and grab the key. You'll also see these red cocoon looking things around. If you destroy them, they'll give you red orbs so make sure to destroy them every time you see one.

Now head back towards where you found the lost soul and go into the alley. Occasionally you'll find items that are corrupted by red and black vines. Destroy these items to get some additional red orbs.

"As soon as you get near the spinning ride, the words "Death" will appear on the floor. You'll also be taught how to launch demons into the air. Be careful not to press the F button too long as Dante will follow the demon into the air.

Now head for the newly opened path and jump up the first ledge.

Continue making your way to the end of the path and this time you'll be taught how to do a double jump. The ledge is a bit high even for a double jump so make sure that you hold the space button to jump a little higher before pressing it again to perform a double jump. Dante should be able to reach the ledge this way.

"Keep going forward and turn right at the end. Kill the Critters and grab the Vital Star at the end of the path.

"Now turn around and head towards the statue near the "Submit to Debt" sign. The statue will begin to glow.

Once again the Hunter Demon will attempt to attack you... and fail. Wait for the cut scene to end and Dante will get his coat back.

More enemies will appear soon afterwards, start slashing your way through them as soon as you can.

The Hunter Demon will re-appear after you kill all of the lesser demons. He'll keep his distance preferring to use his claw attacks against you. This is a really good way to practice your dodging skills.

When he shoots his claw a large hand will appear soon afterwards. The best way to avoid his attack is to wait for the boom sound then dodge away. Shoot at him with your guns as much as you can.

After a minute or so Kat will call your attention and show you an escape route. Head for the Doll House and the Hunter Demon will close the path behind you.

Follow the path and be ready to dodge away as soon a little while after getting passing the door where a doll popped up. The Hunter will attempt to attack you. Dodge it and make sure to kill all the Critters that you pass.

Head for the mirror at the left side of the hallway after the one where you got attacked. The Hunter Demon will come crashing in through it. Dante will kindly automatically deflect the blow for you.

Head through the hole that the Hunter Demon made. Kill the Critters and turn right. Kill the lost soul that's hanging on that wall then take the path to the left and enter the hallway on the far left side of the room (Not the middle path)

You'll find some Critters here and also a lost soul hanging on a wall. After you kill it make your way back to the other room.

Now take the middle path, the one to the left of the doll that got electrocuted the first time you entered the hallway. Kill the Critters at the bottom of the stairs then take a left turn.

Of course they won't let you out so easily. The room will shift and become longer. You'll also be attacked by demons.

Kill all of the demons that will spawn but be careful. The gears will deal damage to you if you get close. On the other hand you can also use the gears to your advantage by pushing the enemies close to them.

After you kill all of the demons the path will once again get longer. This time no demons will appear but the gears will form a jumping course for you.

Make your way through the gears it's easy enough to dodge them just jump and double jump your way through them and head for the exit.

The Hunter will attempt to attack you again and once again he'll fail. Kat will inform Dante that there's an exit ahead and you'll have to run through platforms again.

Follow Kat towards the sign with a clown on it that says "Good Bye" and the Hunter Demon will block your path. This time you'll fight him for real.