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Devil May Cry Walkthrough Mission 03: Bloodline

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"Before you start the mission I recommend that you equip Rebellion's Drive ability. It'll come useful in this battle.

"Once the first wave of demons are dead, two Death knights will spawn. Battling them will be easy since there's not really any change to their attacks and health since the previous chapter.

"One the Death Knights are dead a new type of enemy will emerge. This demon will hold a large chainsaw and is called a Ravager. It has 2 main modes of attack the first is a quick swing of the chainsaw which it will usually use when Dante is close and the second is going into rage mode.

In rage mode it will run after you like crazy. Keep your distance and when you see him going into rage mode (smoke rises and he glows an orange-yellow shade) charge your Drive attack and slash him to stop him.

After you kill the Ravager head towards the area that opened. You'll hear Kat calling you. Ignore her for now and head towards the right. There's a Vital star at the end of the hallway.

Now head to the left and you'll see a Divinity Statue and a wall that you can break with Arbiter. Break the wall and grab the key on the other side of it. Use the Divinity Statue if you need to.

Head towards where Kat is and the floor will shift. You can't use this path anymore so head back towards the middle of the area, where you were previously attacked by demons.

Stygians will spawn and some parts of the floor will rise. Kill off all the Stygians and make sure to use Osiris if you get horded by them.

After you kill off all the Stygians another Ravager will appear. I don't recommend taking him on while theres still some Stygian lurking around. Instead kill the small fries first then use Drive on the Ravager to put it down quickly.

After killing the Ravager you'll be shown where you need to go. There's also a green cocoon sticking to the wall under the balcony. These cocoons give health instead of red crystals so if you've sustained some damage make sure to destroy the cocoon first before heading for the blue crystal.

Use Angel lift to get up on the ledge and make your way through the corridor.

Another Ravager will spawn when you get near the exit. I don't recommend getting close to it just yet. Instead let it attack you in rage mode and dodge it, then quickly follow up on a fully charged Drive attack from Rebellion. Use Angel pull to get closer and land a finishing hit to kill it.

Make your way to the other side and use Angel lift to get to the next platform. You'll also have to use Demon pull to get a part of the last platform out.

Now carefully make your way up towatds the last platform you can reach and you'll notice that the stones are moving but will occasionally stay in a position where you'll be able to use it as a path. Quickly jump on it and grab the blue rose on top of the fountain.