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Double Dragon Neon Walkthrough Mission 8 - Genetic Research

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One new enemy units will be seen here. Plus an additional shop that quite tricky to get there.

To get to the secret shop. In the area where the floor drops, look closely for an arrow pointing down.

You can just stand on the floor and drop. Just before you see another floor, jump. Or you can just step on the floor and walk behind a little. Then, just run through the gap without jumping.

Here is it the secret shop.

Shun Upgraded - Her attack more quick and can be simply avoided by gleam. HP increased about 500.

Marian II - Boss fight #4.

Each plant head HP is about 900. But it will change to another form (dragon and shark each of them respectively). Also, the new form HP is about 900. So, to kill one head plant you need to deal damage about 1800.

Sometimes, the main head plant drops some consumable. Take the chance to regenerate your health and magic power.

Upgraded form must be attack quickly (e.g. fireball). This can disable their attack.

After both plant head died, now the main weakness shown. Give a hard attack to it to end the mission.

Dont forget to take the diamonds!