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Double Dragon Neon Walkthrough Mission 10 - Neon Fortress (Final)

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In this mission, you'll be introduced to one new enemy. Also, one secret shop will be available here too.

Bao Boshi - Magical type enemy. It has lightning attack that can be avoided using duck+left/right. His HP is about 550.

The secret shop is like secret shop in Mission 8 where the last dropping floor lead to the secret shop

Here's the shop with additional 1UP. Buy some more for preparation to fight the final boss.

When you find this place, there are two 1UP than can be find here. Break all the jars but be careful with grenade inside.

Evil Marian - You're fighting Skullmaggadon with additional help from Evl Marian.

Skull's attack are the same like in the Mission 2, except...

Marian will continously attacking you and you cant attack her. Your main target is Skull.

When Marian trying to charge her powers. Jump & attack her to prevent it. This is the only attack you can do to her. Otherwise, just aim on the Skull.

Continue to attack Skull and prevent Marian ultimate spell. After some time, Skull will be defeated. But wait the game not over...

Now, the final moment. Just go to the right until the you meet the Skull upgraded. Your attack is not 1 hit kill any enemies

Clear the area before face the final boss.

This time, you need to dodge well. Learn to dodge properly so that you get double damage.

It's hard to hit Skull because his fast movement speed. All you have to do is wait for a chance. Sometimes he move in front of you so just hit him. Otherwise, ...

This is one of the chance. Get away from the dotted line and move closer to Skull. Then hit him!

Another chance. Keep dodge to him. Do it properly and you'll activate the double damage. Any attack you do to Skull will stop his attack. You can also use fireball to make him stop but no double damage.

After few attacks, Skull will do this. Odd turn will attack while even turn will drop items. (e.g. 1st time will drop some kind of bomb, 2nd time will drop drinks, then repeat again)

When Skull HP getting lower, his movement / attack speed increase.

Whatever you do, avoid this attack. Get out from the radius quickly. This is a deadly attack. If you caught inside the radius, you'll be dead instantly.

He will keep doing the same, only the speed increase.

The moment you're waiting for. He wait your last blow to finish him off. But...

Collect the diamonds quickly before it dissapear.


Congratulations! You've beat the game. Continue play the game with higher difficulty.