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Dragon Age 2 Walkthrough Act 1: Enemies Among Us

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A handful of abominations will appear around your party and attack. Leave the Rage Demon that appears until last; make sure to punish it with cold magic. Head to Hightown (Night) to continue the investigation.

If you don't have a mage in your party (and Hawke isn't a mage), grab one now. Follow the arrow to The Blooming Rose and inquire about the missing Templars.

This is where the mage comes in handy. She will try and hypnotize Hawke. Interrogate her and let her go. Follow the arrow directly to the sanctuary. It is essentially a cellar in the southern portion of Darktown. Shades and Abominations will attack when you down the steps (if you have a rogue, there's a trap that can be disarmed as well). Run back up the stairs and use the chokepoint to your advantage.

"Tarohne awaits in the southwest corner; after a brief exchange, she attacks. Run back up the stairs with your party and engage the stream of Abominations there. Leave Tarohne for last; kill her when she drops her magical barrier to attack. Speak with Keran, then return to the Gallows. Select "Keran is fine" if you want him to keep his status as a Templar.