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Dragon Age 2 Walkthrough Act 1: Blackpowder Promise

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Look under the "Rumors" section of your Journal, and you will see that an acquaintance of Varric's is offering money for a job. Head to the Sundermount to learn about a job on the Wounded Coast. Accept it, and you will be able to find that location on you

"Ignore the arrow and head straight south. You will encounter a small pack of Qunari that strike with ranged attacks along the way, but they are weak and will die quickly to your attacks. This can be a difficult encounter if you're not careful. Elves will strike from behind, and you will be hemmed in by the narrow pass. Do everything in your power to keep them in front of you. Another small pack of Qunari are waiting up ahead. Go into the circular area nearby and use the entrance as a chokepoint as they attack. When they are all dead, enter the Tal-Vashoth Cavern.

Your first enemy encounter in the caves is in a circular area to the south. Use the door into the area as a defensive position while the Qunari Warriors charge.

Head to The Docks to collect your reward.