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Dragon Age 2 Walkthrough Act 1: Shepherding Wolves

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Go to Low Town at night to find out what the deal is. Low Town is a dangerous place at night, and sure enough you will be attacked by a pack of thieves almost as soon as you enter the city. After a brief scene, you will need to engage a number of thugs. Being as the fight is in an alley, you will find that they are all conveniently packed together. Crush them with a well-timed area attack. Go northwest to find Petrice's safehouse.

There are traps shortly after you enter the tunnels. Have a rogue disarm them before proceeding forward to battle with the spiders.

Shortly before exiting the tunnels, you will encounter a band of thugs. They mostly consist of archers, and will die quickly.

A group of Qunari will be waiting to receive your charge outside of the caverns. You can either turn him over or demand that he be free. Return to Sister Petrice and give her a piece of your mind about the mission. Not a lot will come of it, but it does set up plot points for later in the game. Collect your 7 Sovereigns and continue to the next mission.