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Dragon Age 2 Walkthrough Act 1: A Business Discussion (Straightforward Cutscene)

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"Go west and into Lirene's Fereldan Imports. It includes a Donation Box. Speak with Lirene about the Grey Warden. When exiting the building you'll be confronted by a group of refugees ready to stop you from going after the Grey Warden. After the scene, go to Darktown.

Anders is in Darktown's northeast corner. Speak to him about his path, and he'll ask for an exchange of favors. Your new mission is to rescue Anders' friend in Hightown.

Enter the nighttime streets of Hightown and make your way toward the Chantry. After a brief scene, you'll be inside the church. Walk up the eastern part of the Chantry and watch the scene where you discover Anders friend has been Tranquiled and it was all a trap set for you. Once the fight is over Anders does something which results in a reversal of the Tranquiling and gives you the chance to ask his friend a few questions in between him begging you or Anders to kill him.