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Dragon Age 2 Walkthrough Prologue

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You play as Hawke, and you have the choice of beeing a mage, warrior or rogue. If you're wondering why you haven't been given a chance to customize your character yet, just hold tight: you'll be able to do so soon enough.

Go in and start hacking up Darkspawn. Hawke and brother/sister are extraordinarily overpowered, so they should go down in short order. If you're a Rogue or Mage, just make sure that they don't surround you. After reducing a few groups of Darkspawn to smol

After you've had a chance to customize your character, the real escape from Lothering will begin. You will soon come upon Aveline and her husband. After a brief discussion, Aveline will agree to help you in your flight from Lothering.

An Ogre awaits at the end of this area. He will quickly crush your brother or sister, depending on your class. Here again, if you are a mage, he will kill your sister. And he will kill your brother if you are an other class. There is nothing you can do about this.

When the Ogre is half dead, several Darkspawn will pop up. If you've been using Aveline to this point, you will definitely want to switch over to Hawke now. Draw them away from the Ogre and try to take them out one by one.

When you arrive in Kirkwall, you will quickly discover that no one is being allowed into the city. Speak with the guard and explain that you have an estate. He will waffle, which will cause the crowd to become enraged and attack. The crowd consists of a few sword and shield wielders that can be quickly dispatched by your party. The guards around the gate will also come in to help.

The Smuggler can be found in the northern portion of the courtyard. She will direct you to claim a payment from a merchant who tried to bilk her. Follow the mark on the map and speak with the merchant. Choose the "Aveline?" option to have her step up with her dagger and forcefully reclaim payment.

The Mercenary is in the south. He will send you to find a group of soldiers who betrayed him. This encounter is a tiny bit trickier since you have to kill them. The mob consists of a number of dual-wielding rogues and one two-handed warrior, making them w