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Dragon Age 2 Walkthrough Act 1: A Friend in the Guard

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After encountering Varric and being tasked with finding 50 Sovereigns, Bethany will mention that Aveline is now working with the city guard and may be able to help. Head to the Sundermount Ambush Site to head off the attack.

More Raiders wielding bows await down the path. Follow the arrow south and have Aveline kill anyone you meet.The main pack is waiting in a circular area to the southwest. Take care that you don't charge straight in, since there are traps set up in the southern part of the circle.

Return to the Viscount's Keep to pick up the next part of the mission. You will need to head to Lowtown (Night) to protect another guard from ambush.

Your target is to the southeast. Dominic will at first be surrounded by four sword and shield bearers and one powerful rogue, but reinforcements will show up soon enough.

Return to the Viscount's Keep to find the captain of the guard being dragged away. Aveline is congratulated and gets promoted in his place. You will be rewarded with 400 XP. With the quest done, head back into town.