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Dragon Age 2 Walkthrough Act 1: The Deep Roads Expedition

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Agree to help rescue the dwarf Sandal and plunge into the darkness. The Emmiaries are particularly dangerous and should be defeated as soon as possible. Use the narrow spaces afforded by the wooden bridges to your advantage.

After you've rescued Sandal, the Deep Roads will open up into a huge walkway filled with barricades.

An Ogre will strike as soon as you open the door. Run forward fast enough and it will get stuck in the wall. Hit it with everything you've got -- Hail of Arrows works well -- while your tank gets in position to distract it.

The large chamber adjacent to the Ogre room contains your toughest foe yet -- a Dragon! It is fast and hits like a truck, and it will not go down quickly.

The next section is infested with Shades and Stone Golems. The latter creatures are extremely tough and can use a pounding attack to damage your entire party. Get the Shades first though, because the Golems are mostly there to soak up damage.

Head south and open the door to the side room. You will be hit by a swarm of Shades and a Golem, but they will be bottlenecked by the doorway. Use that to your advantage to clear them out wholesale with ranged attacked. Use the narrow tunnels as a chokepoint to keep them from surrounding you.

The leader of the Profane will stop you in the next section. Agree to his offer and he will tell you about a monster in the tunnels ahead. Kill the monster, and you will have a way out.

The Rock Wraith is the first real boss that you will encounter, and he has a number of attacks that you have to watch out for.

The Rock Wraith will let loose with a highly-damaging energy blast. When your party is safely behind the pillar, these few precious moments to heal up and reorganize. The Rock Wraith will need to recharge, but it will call in Profane to defend it. Send Varric and your other party members in to attack it while you kill the Profane.

The Hunger Demon will approach demanding that you uphold your end of the bargain, but don't worry about being honorable in this instance. Tell Varric to finish it off and end Act 1 in style.