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Dragon Age 2 Walkthrough Act 2: Blackpowder Courtesy

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Use the map to go to The Docks to meet with the Arishok. He will tell you about a potential chemical weapon attack and ask you to find Javaris Tintop. Leave the compound and check the map to locate your next destination -- Darktown.

The person you're looking for is waiting for you in the center portion of the map. Coterie Barker will direct you to the Smuggler's Cut, which is also located in Darktown. Follow the map to the west until you reach a trapdoor near the wall. Head inside when you're ready.

You will mostly find Dwarven Assassins and Rogues in the tunnels under the Smuggler's Cut. There are also thugs wielding maces and shields. More Archers and Rogues attack the moment you step outside of the cave. The hill will seem quite defensible at first, but you will soon be attacked from behind as well.

Javaris will appear as soon as the fight is over. He will direct you toward an acquaintance of his in Lowtown. The next fight is a bit of an exercise in attrition, so make sure you've either got a healer like Anders or plenty of healing potions with you before setting out.

As soon as you arrive in Lowtown, a guard will tell you about a chemical attack in the streets below. There are Mercenaries on hand to stop you though. Sealing up the barrels requires Steel Latches scattered around the street. The first one is free, but the rest come with the price of defeating successive waves of Mercenaries.

When the barrels are all taken care of, an Elven Fanatic will appear to try and finish off your party for good. She wields a rather large two-handed sword that is capable of slicing and dicing your ranged users with ease. Once you get the entire party focusing on her, she will go down in short order. Speak with the Arishok and the Viscount to claim your reward of 3 Sovereigns and pick up your next mission.