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Dragon Age 2 Walkthrough Act 2: All That Remains

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Head home and Gamlen will show up looking for your mother. After a brief conversation about her whereabouts, you will need to gather up your party and go looking for her. All signs point to Lowtown.

You will find Gamlen with a street urchin soon after you enter Lowtown.The urchin will want some money, but he doesn't have much in the way of useful info. Hand over some silver (or threaten him and let Gamlen hand over the coin), and you'll get a very sketchy description and some info about where the pair may have gone. Follow the trail of blood. It leads down the street and into the Foundry. After a very quick scene, continue following the trail up the stairs and to a hidden trapdoor. Use the trapdoor to continue to the next section.

Shades and a Rage Demon will be waiting when you arrive. If you have cold magic, use it on the Rage Demon as quickly as possible. Otherwise, use the northwest corner as a chokepoint in which to fight the enemies that appear.

The northwest portion of the map contains a rather creep shrine and a number of notes that ought to clue you into what's going on. Several Shades and Abominations will attack with a Rage Demon here.

The grisly truth of what's been happening in the Foundry awaits to the south. After the scene, you will be accosted by four Desire Demons and a number of Shades.

The killer will hold off on attacking until all of the Desire Demons are gone. When he finally drops his shield, hit him with spirit attacks as much as possible. Otherwise, just ignore the Shades that he spawns and go for a quick kill with your best attac