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Dragon Age 2 Walkthrough Act 2: Demands of the Qun

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The Arishok is waiting when you arrive at The Docks. The conversation that follows inevitably leads to the same result: an attack. Qunari Spear Throwers are waiting at the top of the steps. They are irritating, but there is a Qunari Mage lurking to the left that is far more dangerous. Target him first, because his spells can knock off all but a sliver of life. A huge crowd of Qunari and Elves awaits up ahead. They mainly consist of Archers and Spear Throwers, meaning that they are vulnerable to area attacks and other powerful skills.

After a conversion with Knight-Commander Meredith, you will be set upon by yet another race -- Dwarves. Cartel Thugs and Assassins will attack out of a courtyard. Hold your ground in the narrow corridor while Aveline takes them.

After another courtyard battle pitting you against Spear Throwers and a Sten (use your best area attacks and leave the Sten for last), you will encounter the First Enchanter. Choosing "I will lead" means that you get to choose how to deal with a group of Qunari ahead; otherwise, the decision will be made for you.

Choosing "I will lead" means that you get to choose how to deal with a group of Qunari ahead; otherwise, the decision will be made for you.

A pitched battle will ensue on the foyer leading up to the Viscount's Keep. There are traps everywhere, so have a Rogue disable them when possible.

If you have a high enough relationship with Isabela, she will return after a brief conversation with the Arishok. She returns the relic, but the Qunari demand to take her with them as well. If you sell her out, the Arishok will leave and you will lose Isabela forever.

If Isabela doesn't return (or you simply never recruited her), you will have to duel with the Arishok. Make sure you have Fenris in your party, as he has some knowledge of Qunari customs and will invoke the right for you to face the Arishok in single combat. If you don't meet any of those conditions, you will have to take on the Arishok's entire guard, and it is a brutal battle.

The battle with the Arishok is tough enough, but it's even harder if you play as an Archer. The Qunari leader has three major attacks -- a swipe from his blades; an impaling attack that can be comboed for massive damage and a charge.

The best time to hit him is after he charges, as he will often get stuck in the wall. When this happens, hit him with your best area attacks. This battle is straightforward, but requires a lot of patience no matter which class you choose.

If you turn down the Arishok's offer, be prepared for some serious pain. Warriors will charge down the stairs while Spear Throwers and Mages line the balcony near the stairs. When they're all gone, have your entire party engage the Arishok. Then the Act 2 will be completed.