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Dragon Age 2 Walkthrough Act 3: Best Served Cold

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Go to the Gallows to speak with First Enchanter Orsino. He will ask that you go to Hightown to investigate reports of shady meetings in Hightown. Leave the Gallows and proceed to Hightown (Night) to see what's going on.

Follow the arrow to where the Templar and Mages are conducting a secret meeting. When they attack, ignore the Templar as best you can and focus on the Mages. Snag the note from the Templar Lieutenant's pocket to determine your next destination. Continue to The Docks.

Make your way to the warehouse at The Docks. Even more Mages and Templar are waiting inside. As before, focus on the Mages as much possible. Your next stop is the Wounded Coast.

Your trip down the Wounded Coast won't be a quiet one, as you will be troubled by even more Templar and Mages. If you want to do a good deed, agree with the former Templar Samson who appears shortly afterward. He'll return later.

Your old friends Thrask and Grace are waiting at the campsite. You will engage in a bit of discussion, but there's nothing you can do to keep Grace from going crazy and attacking the party. Target her before she can unleash any meaningful Blood Mage spells while watching out for the Templar Hunter's attempts to backstab you. Make sure to grab the Superior Boots from the chest once the mission is over.