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Dragon Age 2 Walkthrough Act 2: Offered and Lost

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Seneschal Bran can be found waiting outside the Viscount's office. Speak with him to find out where you should go next. He will recommend that you look for a guard in the Hanged Man, so get Aveline in your party before you depart.

Proceed to the Hanged Man with Aveline in your party. You will find a guardsman enjoying the fruits of his bribe payment. After a bit of questioning, you will learn that the crime in question has a Chantry connection. Proceed to the Chantry to continue the quest. Speak with the Chantry receptionist and she will bring out your old friend Mother Petrice. After you complain about her selling you out in Act 1, she will come around and offer you the Templar behind the disappearances. Return to the world map and look for "Ser Varnell's Refuge."

There are no mobs to contend with in Ser Varnell's Refuge. Ser Varnell's Fanatics are extremely weak; what they lack in armor though, they make up in numbers. Once they go down, focus on Ser Varnell. He is well-armored but does little damage; he should go down quite quickly. You reward is 3 Sovereigns and +10 Friendship with Aveline (if she is in your party).