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Your goal is to collect the Sceptre of the Incan King but to do that you must collect 8 coins in giant treasure chests like this one. I'll guide you on the easiest and fastest route to collect the other 7.

Go down the rope here.

Now hit the barrel against the wall and go over to the left here where you'll find the 2nd chest.

Now after that continue right past the rope a little way and across the spiked vines to reach the 3rd chest, after this head back to the left and up the rope as continuing right is not only really difficult but it's a lot slower then backtracking a little.

Once you go back up the rope go right and climb up the centre vine here and you'll find the 4th coin, after collecting it go back down and continue right.

You'll come across the 5th coin in the treasure chest sitting right in the middle here, after that continue right.

When you reach the wall you'll find the 6th coin, after collecting it head down the rope.

Up the right here you'll find the 7th coin, after collecting it head back up the rope and continue going up to the top of it.

Once you reach the top head to the left to find the 8th and final coin.

Here you come to a statue that needs 8 coins, good thing you collected them all isn't it?

Now Launchpad will come in his helicopter and help you to the temple, you can either stay up as high as you can on the rope and you'll avoid every obstacle or you can drop down and try your luck grabbing some extra cash.

Once you reach your destination climb up the rope and continue right, be careful of the boulder!

Once you reach the very right make sure to smash this statue as you'll get a heap of money out of it and an achievement!

Go up the rope and go left, be careful of the collapsing roof as you're quite likely to take at least one point of damage here.

After following the path around for a while you'll come to this section, those stones on the top right there are fake and will lead to a health upgrade, these are very useful.

After that climb up and go to the left, and there on a pedestal is the Sceptre, just go and grab it, oh wait.

The boss of this level is a giant statue head, he has a few attacks, the first one is just jumping up and down which you have to avoid, note that if you are pogo jumping when he hits the ground it'll stop your jumping for a moment.

After you hit him 3 times his head will return and he'll start using the arena to attack you, the first one is the walls on one side will start closing in on you and you have to reach the top.

The next arena attack is either the floor or the roof starts closing in, you just need to avoid getting crushed.

The final arena attack is either the floor or roof closes on all areas except one and you have to go to the one safe gap.

The final attack from the head is he'll charge up and hit the ground, make sure to jump as he hits the ground otherwise you'll be hurt.

After a few waves with the head you'll land the killing blow.

Level Complete!