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DuckTales Remastered Walkthrough Money Bin

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To start off the controls are: Arrow Keys to move, Space Bar to jump and Z to use your cane.

Money is a large part of this game and it'll get you concept art and music later in the game so be sure to collect as much as possible.

To save Huey just jump and use your cane to break the blocks and hit the button.

Note the only way to kill an enemy is to pogo jump on their head, if you don't use your cane you'll just get hurt.

Treasure Chests usually hold the most money but you can also find it by just walking around.

To hit barrels like this walk up in front of them and use your cane and they'll go sliding, note objects other then barrels will go up in the air in an arc.

To save Dewey you need to hit the bottom button then wait for the Beagle Boy to come close and then hit the top button to beat him.

Hitting chests like this with a rock will make them drop to the ground and open so you can collect the goodies inside.

To save Louie you need to hit the bottom button then the top button, watch out for the lasers!

While you can find Ice Creams that restore hearts, cakes like this fully restore your health.

Big Time Beagle has a helmet so you can't jump directly on his head.

To get around this you need to hit the objects he throws so they knock down the safe above him on his head so you can then jump on his head like normal.

He throws 2 types of objects, globes which have a high arc so you need to stay low and make sure they don't bounce off the wall and hit you, and busts like this which you need to jump over, make sure not to get these 2 items mixed up otherwise you'll get hurt.

After 5 hits he finally stays down, Level Complete!