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DuckTales Remastered Walkthrough Mount Vesuvius

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Your 3 nephews have been kidnapped; therefore we need to go to the fire level of the game to rescue them, Mt Vesuvius.

This level is mostly linear so I'll only write about the trickier obstacles along the way, all the enemies are reused from other levels too, mostly from Transylvania.

Be careful of these chains that fall when you try to climb on them.

Make your way across these ducks that are under the lava, keep an eye out for the bubbles.

This is a tight squeeze between the rock platform and the spikes, just take it slow and you'll be fine.

Watch out for these boulders because they'll kill you instantly if you touch them (without using a pogo) so make sure you get out of the way.

Jump off the boulder to reach the higher platforms.

Another mine cart area, this is a pretty simple one though with only two areas where you have to jump out before you fall down a pit.

This is another area where you have to run along the blocks before they collapse.

Now for the boss fight.

His first attack and main way of damaging him is he launches one or more bats at you and you have to pogo off them so you can jump on his head to damage him.

Now he can do one of 3 attacks, if Magica throws in a yellow bag the boss becomes giant and attempts to bite you, there's 2 ways to avoid this, one is get under the centre of where he lands and duck under the attack, the 2nd is to go to one side to bait him over there then as he drops run towards the other side, either way works fine.

If Magica throws in a green bag the boss turns into a dragon and launches fireballs at you, these are easy to dodge as long as you don't stay in the same place for too long.

If she throws in a red bag then you're in trouble, she summons a horde of bats that drop down on you with only one space gap with which to avoid, this is a very hard attack to not get damaged on.

After you beat the boss there's only one thing left to do, get back your lucky dime and escape, this area might take a couple tries but eventually you'll get it, just remember not every screen you can just pogo your way up, sometimes you need to use a normal jump.

After retrieving the dime you just need to get to the chopper (slight reference there) by escaping the approaching lava, this section is tough so it might take a while.

You made it to the chopper and you can sit back and watch the final cut scene.

Level Complete!

Now just sit back and watch the credits while listening to the amazing music. Congratulations, you beat DuckTales Remastered! Thanks for reading through my guide for DuckTales. If it helped you, please leave me a donation via the button on the top of the Page, it helps me out and encourages me to write more guides.