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DuckTales Remastered Walkthrough The Himalayas

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Now to find the Lost Crown of Genghis Khan, this is a snow level so the first thing to take note of is you can't pogo jump on the snow otherwise you'll get stuck in it like this although you can still pogo off enemies.

The main enemies in this part of the level are bunnies that swim under the snow and goats which jump along, the bunnies aren't a big problem as you can still pogo them while they're still underneath the snow, the goats on the other hand are risky to try and hit as you'll often end up getting hit yourself so it's usually safer to just run underneath them.

Now here you can go down the rope right here or continue to the right, it really doesn't matter which way to go as they both end up at the same place.

Here you find the fuel regulator you need to fix the plane and find the crown.

Before it's taken apart by bunnies and split into 3 parts.

Go down the rope and go through the fake wall on the right to get another heart upgrade.

After collecting it head left and over the ice, here you'll encounter you're third enemy for the level, it's a duck in a hockey mask that hits blocks of ice in your direction, he's pretty easy to take down though so as long as you dodge the ice he shouldn't pose a threat.

Kill this bunny here as it contains the first engine part.

Go down the rope here and head to the right.

When you reach here kill this bunny to get the second piece then head to the left.

Here you'll see Bubba Duck stuck in ice, go up and break it and he'll help you.

He'll smash the ice in your way so you're able to continue.

After heading all the way to the left with the help of Bubba you'll part ways, continue left to the next room.

Head up the ropes until you reach this bunny, kill him to get the final piece of the fuel regulator.

Follow the path up around and down to this point and then take the ladder up.

Head to the right along the ropes, be very careful of the spiders as one slip will cause you to fall and die, after getting to the right head up the ladder.

Head to the left and all the way up the ladder and then continue right.

Head all the way to the right to give the fuel regulator to Launchpad Mcquack and he'll take you to a new area.

Until Glomgold attacks you of course, here's a mini boss.

He shoots 2 objects, beagle brothers like this which you take out as normally, the other things he shoots are bombs which you have to hit like rocks so you can damage his plane.

After five hits his plane goes down and you land in a new area.

From here it's a straight line to the boss, so work your way along the platforms and around the goats until you reach the boss, which is…

A yeti! Now, he has 2 main attacks.

His first is a leap like this, all you have to do is run under him and get behind him and you're safe from any consecutive leaps.

Next he roars and pounds the wall in front of him dropping down ice on your head, this is pretty easy to avoid though.

The last thing that falls is a boulder; hit this when he's standing underneath a piece of ice to get him stuck in the snow.

Hit him when he's down and land on the other side of him to avoid his attacks.

His last attack is he jumps up high in the air and lands with a shockwave, just jump in the air as he lands.

After five hits he finally stays down and you get the Crown.

Level complete!