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DuckTales Remastered Walkthrough Transylvania

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When entering the mansion Huey, Dewey and Louie fall in a trap door so you have to go save them and find the treasure lying deep in the mansion.

The common enemies in this level are these skeleton ducks, they charge at you and take 2 stomps to kill.

You can go in 3 directions around here, this guide was done from the top left to top right to bottom right but can be finished in any order.

Who could this ghost like creature be? He almost looks like a Beagle Boy, jump on him the same as you do normal enemies, he'll take 3 hits to defeat.

Looks like I was right

Watch out for the ghosts, they're invincible and hurt you even if you try jumping on their head.

These big mummy ducks are a bit tougher to kill, you can jump on their head but the easiest way is to hit the big ball beside them into him, this takes them down in 1 hit and sometimes you can even chain multiple kills.

Another health upgrade awaits behind the false wall on the right here. After collecting it continue up the ladder.

Go to the right of the ladder and jump into the mirror. It'll teleport you to a mine cart area.

You can't control your movement in the mine cart but you can jump and duck.

Make sure to duck under walls like this one.

Make sure to jump into another mine cart here otherwise you'll fall to your death.

When you reach the end of the tracks as soon as the screen changes you have to jump out of the cart otherwise you'll die, a pretty stupid move here by the developers as most people will die at least once if they're not prepared.

Now for the second fight, this time the Beagle Boy brought a ghost friend so be careful of him, take him out the same way you took out the last one.

Continue to the left to find more tracks with more ducking and jumping.

And another stupid jump or die moment at the end of the tracks.

Now climb down the ladder and get your health refilled by Mrs. Beakley

Now after Mrs. Beakley leaves follow where she went through the false wall on the right to get back out.

Go down the ladder and to the left and go through the mirror, then continue to the right then head down the ladder and head back to the left.

Head back down the ladder and go to the right.

Head out the back door and go all the way to the right.

Head to the right and go down the chain and then go left.

After passing the spikes you'll come across the third and final Beagle Boy, this time he has 2 ghosts.

After dealing the 3 hits necessary to kill him continue to the left and head through the mirror.

After exiting the mirror walk right, climb up the ladder, continue right and then go up the next ladder and on the wall to the right underneath the mirror is a fake panel you can pass through to a giant mirror that'll teleport you to the boss.

After going through the mirror continue left dodging the ghosts.

Now for the battle with Magica.

Quickly jump up and land on one of the platforms otherwise you'll be hit by the fire, this is the first of her attacks.

Her next attack is creating columns of fire, you have a couple of seconds after the lines appear to the actual fire appearing so you have time to dodge.

After 3 attacks she'll stop and laugh at you giving you time to jump on her.

Next she conjures 6 mirrors, all you have to do is break the one with her face in it.

Then she turns into a vulture and tries to swoop you giving you a chance to hit her again.

Then she launches 3 energy bolts at you which are shot as shown so you're able to dodge them.

Then she conjures up 2 rows of fire, dodge the same as before.

Now she conjures 4 beams of fire, avoid as before.

After going around another round with her she'll raise it to 5 beams of fire.

And now you have to jump up 3 platforms.

Now after 3 rounds she concedes and gives you the Coin of the Lost Realm. Level Complete!