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Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse Walkthrough Mission 2: Something's Amish

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"Jump over the hay and reach the portal, you will get a sniper rifle.

"Clean the area, then get off and go forward.

"Reach the new target going straight and kill all amishs.

"Once you reached the target, shoot to the lock off, three barrels will come out destroying a tower so you can proceed for Amish Farm.

"In next portal you will receive a flame thrower, fire the hay on your right and go forward.

"Proceed on your right and find wood stocks.

"Burn three magic trees by shooting to its lanterns, once you are done reach the second tree on your right.

"Same here, shoot to three lanterns and reach the last target.

"Once you are done with the last one go forward.

"Now reach metal stocks.

"When you got here, be careful of some amishs on the river and go forward.

"Get down and open first two levers.

"Then get to the first floor and open the third lever then go up.

"Open the last lever.

"Back to the barn, jump up to boxex and get out of here.

"Now go round barrels and reach the target.

"Destroy Bertram's warmachine.

"Hide behind something and shoot its eyes, go away when it will turn speedily because the area around it will be on fire.

"At a certain point two amishs will come out, kill both and find another hiding place.

"Use sniper rifle when it is far away.

"When it has low health it will come near you so be careful.