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Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse Walkthrough Mission 7: Santas Sweatshop

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"Go forward to your right.

"Jump over barrels.

"Now come back to reach the target.

"Jump over planks and go forward.

"Use planks and rocks to get there.

"Be careful of suicde bombing elves, make them explode away from you.

"Once you made to the factory, kill four elves and go forward.

"Once you are inside the factory go on your left.

"Just avoid suicide bombing elves, they let you waste your time, so turn on power and reach the elevator.

"Get up.

"Now you must kill elves on conveyor belt otherwise you can't go forward, then jump on your right and proceed.

"Kill all elves and jump on your right.

"Walk when both fans stop, so go forward.

"Use elevator to get up.

"Same here, move on when fans stop moving otherwise they will sweep you away.

"Kill all of the elves on conveyor belts and jump on your left.

"Kill last elves and reach the target.

"Open the door and you will find Santa.

"Santa throw you some gifts sometimes, kill them.

"To shoot down Santa, kill his reindeer one by one.

"Once you killed all of his reindeer Mission 7 is done!