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Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse Walkthrough Mission 5: No Cheese, Please

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"Jump over the limo then up the truck and get on the scaffold.

"You can kill or avoid guards, but if you are spotted more guards will come, once your done reach the target.

"Now again kill or avoid them then reach the target.

"Throw a molotov to lower the plank then get in the next building.

"Kill all guards and go forward.

"Now you need to repair the crane, up the stairs on your left and pick up stuff you need, kill all guards who are attacking you. then go back to the crane and repair it.

"Once you activated it, up the stairs get on floor above and go into the next building.

"Activate the scaffold and get down.

"Kill all guards and go forward on your right.

"Clean the area and go forward.

"Kill the sniper before he hits you ( he can kill you with two bullets).

"Kill all guards and once you are done,kill two snipers in the building on your right and one in front of you.

"To shoot down the chopper use your sniper rifle, it will go down with some shots.

"Turn the security system off, once you deactivated the second one some guards will get there, just ignore them and jump down.

"Kill all guards in front of you and reach the sniper's position.

"Kill the opponent Mayor and you are done!