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Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse Walkthrough Mission 1: No Place Like Home

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"Reach Mort who will assign you some tasks, let's go with the first one.

"Well, your first task is to shoot all nerd's balloons, this is an easy task, just walk around the house and you will find them all, they are marked with a diamond (all targets will be marked in this way).

"Once you are done with balloons, Mort has a new task for you, talk to Lisa who has some problems.

"You need to recover Lisa's photo, turn on your right.

"Kill two guys and go forward.

"Once you are there, kill four guys, rescue Lisa's photo and come back to Mort.

"Next task is to steal a tap, kill all girls and reach the target.

"Kill Army Confraternity guys (the more time you stay there the more guys will come to you, so make it as quick as you can) and reach the target.

"Once you stole it come back to Mort.

"Next is to steal three jackets, go forward and reach the target.

"Wake up asleep guys so your targets will come out, kill them and steal their jackets.

"For your new task plant the three jackets in the garden, then destroy the float by throwing four molotovs, kill all sisters that attack you and when you are done come back to Mort.

"For your last task you have to steal speakers, go forward until you reach the target.

"Kill all boys and steal the speakers, then come back to Mort.

"Mort need your help, some angry students are attacking nerd's party, so first kill all students.

"You need to shoot down the giant frat now, throw your diapers and get a drink so you can shoot faster, his health is visible on the top, if you run out of ammo you can find some in the garden on your left.

"Avoid everything he throws you, once you killed him come back to Mort's party.

"Connect speakers you stole before and first mission is gone!