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Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse Walkthrough Mission 3: Handicapable

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"Find disabled head, go forward.

"Turn left before Quahog mini-mart, there is the portal where you will get a shotgun.

"Now turn right and go forward.

"Main entrance is blocked, reach secondary entrance and kill all disabled attacking you.

"Rescue codes that security head got, kill him using the shotgun and aim for the head so he will die quickly.

"Once you picked up codes, use them to open the gate.

"Go forward on your left.

"Go forward through the bridge.

"Deactivate all alarms in this area, one is right under you.

"Next ones are on first and second floor, so up the stairs and go forward.

"Reach the last alarm.

"Rescue codes to open the door again, so kill the security head, you can even use your sniper rifle if you are far from him.

"Once your done, deactivate again three alarms, one is on your right.

"Reach the next one, up the stairs and go forward.

"Get to the floor above and deactivate the last alarm.

"Kill the last security head, right here I suggest you to use sniper rifle since he is far away and you will kill him quickly.

"To beat up the Disabiletron use the three cannons on left middle and right.

"Use the cannon when he is in the same direction of one of them, be careful of buses he can throw to you (a red circle will mark it), repair as quick as you can the cannon when he destroys it and shoot him.

"Do this until you don't kill him.