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Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse Walkthrough Mission 8: Chicken's in Space

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"Go on your right, go forward and lower the first lever.

"Then get off and go forward.

"Up the stairs and enter into the first door, lower the second lever.

"Go forward for the door in front of you and lower the third lever.

"Then lower the last one.

"Reach the target and go forward.

"Door is locked, go on your right and go forward.

"You can go forward without stopping.

"Once you reach this room, keep going forward.

"Lower the lever and get outside.

"Get off and shoot at the red target, it will move a platform, jump on it.

"Jump and shoot to the other target, destroy the chicken's machine in front of you, then jump on the platforms to get up.

"Now destroy all chicken's machines, then you can jump down.

"Shoot at the target and jump on the platform.

"Lower the lever and jump back on the last platform.

"You need to get to the other side jumping on every platform, they move so be careful.

"Once you are done, shoot to the last target and get up.

"Destroy chicken's robot and go forward.

"Now up the stairs.

"Lower the lever then go down through the elevator on your right and destroy the first cell.

"Once you did it, back to the elevator, lower the lever again and destroy last two cells.

"Just run straight without stopping.

"Door is locked go on your right then forward.

"To shoot down the giant chicken, shoot her and when she is asleep lower the lever.

"When she is burning shoot her, and again when she sleeps lower the lever again, do this until she is death.

"Peter is now free, good job you finished Mission 8!