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Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse Walkthrough Mission 10: No Place Like Home

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This is the last mission, you will face three rounds against a T-Rex. Behind you there is a garage, run upstairs on the roof.

Once you get there aim to lasers on t-rex's head. Use brian's rifle, and aim for one laser at once so he will keep one laser only. Avoid lasers fire, they do high damage.

Sometimes you need to kill some clones coming up.

I suggest you to buy on the store the Railgun.

When you destroyed both lasers, reach the new target on your left by going down.

This round is the same as the last one, but now T-rex has rocket launchers on his head.

Use your rifle again to destroy both rocket launchers.

Same here, kill all clones.

You can come near the T-Rex for better aiming, be careful of his rockets, they follow your movement.

When you are done, reach the last target.

Go forward and avoid clones.

This is the last round, all you need to do is shooting at cars in his mouth.

As usual, kill clones that try to hit you.

This time the T-Rex can come near you, so find a place where he can't kill you.

Congratulations you finished the game!