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Flower Walkthrough Lavender

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No intro movie this time. Fly toward what is usually the level exit.

The level's starter flower sprouts. Go ahead and collect your first petal.

The area springs to life. Start collecting as many yellow flowers as you can.

Once enough flowers are collected, you'll get the glow. You can then break through the metal web blocking this entrance.

Now it's time to get your revenge on those metal beams. Nothing can hurt you in this level, and touching the beams makes them go away.

Dissolving the beams that are on top of these structures...

...makes them grow into tall buildings!

Once all of the buildings have been allowed to grow, the camera shows you the area exit.

Don't be in a hurry to leave, though. Collecting the circle of flowers around each building gives it a new coat of paint! If you're trying to earn the Urban Trophy, you'll need to transform the entire city -- you won't want to miss any opportunity to improve it.

Once you're ready to move on, go ahead and smash through here.

This area becomes very colorful as you work your magic. Enter the tall skyscraper ahead through the doorway seen at ground level.

Fly up to spot the level's first secret flower.

Emerge through this opening in the ceiling, then collect the flowers on the roof of this and neighboring buildings.

Collecting the roof flowers paints these skyscrapers!

The camera then shows you the next area exit.

If you're wanting to earn the Urban trophy, though, you'll want to stick around and add a lot more color to the area. Healing these fans creates a gust of air that will take you up to the rooftops in case you missed those flowers previously.

Another reason to gain altitude is to survey the landscape and see what you've missed. I can spot another pair of fans that need healing on the left.

You can also heal this swingset...

...these monkey bars...

...and this slide. Be sure not to miss anything before moving on.

When you're satisfied that you have everything colored in, enter the freeway here.

This is a very fun area to go fast in. Just go with the flow and enjoy the ride. We'll be back through here twice more so don't worry about getting everything the first time through.

When you get to this ramp there are three ways you can go. Keep left to exit the freeway and continue into the next area. Take the ramp up the center to continue painting the freeway and destroying metal barricades. We're keeping right.

You'll come down a ramp and enter the underpass seen ahead.

Hidden among the central row of pillars is the level's second secret flower!

Grab the secret flower then you'll emerge back at the freeway entrance ramp.

Ride along the freeway again, picking up any flowers you missed previously. This time, when you get to the three-way juncture take the central ramp.

Go ahead and break through the metal barricades, and pick up as many flowers as you can.

You'll circle around once more. If you're ready to move on, take the left ramp this time.

The ramp leads to this ominous area with more metal beams. Don't worry, they can't hurt you in this level.

Destroy the beams to paint the buildings.

When you get to this building with the front piece that moves into place, you're close to the third secret flower.

You can see the green secret flowers behind this pair of fans. I've already collected them in this shot.

Heal the fans and their breeze carries you up to these rooftops.

Work your way towards that large red tower. The entrance is at its base.

Lots more metal beams to be dissolved inside the tower.

More webs, too. Your controller will shake but you cannot take damage.

Punch your way up higher and higher.

You'll rise through the top of the tower...

...and transform your dreary window sill.

The angry tower morphs into a beautiful tree, towering over a now-beautiful city. This is a definite goosebump moment.

The final cutscene plays. It's a beautiful day in the city, and it looks like there's a bright future ahead.

Here's your lavender flower, fully-bloomed with all three secret-flower leaves.

And here are all six flowers enjoying their magnificent new view. Select the photo on the right to watch the credits. Collect all of the flowers in the credits level to earn the Stars Trophy. I hope you enjoyed this game and I hope that this walkthrough helped you. Game on!