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Flower Walkthrough Yellow

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This introductory screen instructs on how to move your PS3's Sixaxis controller while playing Flower. Hold the controller parallel to the floor.

Move your Sixaxis to zoom in on the flower. Holding any key (the TRIANGLE, CIRCLE, X or SQUARE buttons) will zoom in on the yellow flower and begin the level.

A brief animation shows the city outside from the flower's slow time reference. Note the "That Game Company" billboard upper-right.

You are now inside the colorful world of the flower's dream. Press any button to release a petal.

Tilting your controller moves the petal. Press and hold the X button to create a breeze that carries your petal more quickly.

Touch your petal to another flower to release more petals. Untouched flowers are closed, with some being surrounded by a halo like this one.

The flowers open as you collect their petals. Note this nearby group of pink flowers.

Fly up high in the sky to get a wonderful view of the field below. This helps you spot any flowers you've missed.

Spy another grouping of pink flowers over here.

Collect enough pink flowers and the camera moves to show you these newly-sprouted green flowers. Collect them (you'll hear a chime) to score your first secret flowers. Each level has three sets of secret flowers. Two more to go!

Notice that there are still untouched pink flowers. You don't have to open all of the pink flowers for the green secret flowers to be revealed. Fly toward that collection of stones ahead.

Notice the red flowers in the center of the patch of brown grass.

Touch the red flowers to restore the grass to a lush green. This healing ability is your core objective when playing Flower.

More brown patches are ahead. You can heal them straight away, but it will be easier to spot the sprinkling of pink flowers neighboring each patch first.

There's some pink flowers up ahead. From this distance they actually look white.

Open all of the pink flowers next to brown patches of grass to reveal the second set of green secret flowers.

Now to heal the area. Opening the yellow flowers sometimes blooms a new set of red flowers. Open all of the flowers to heal their brown patch. Notice that the brown patch in the middle is surrounded by other brown patches.

Flowers will bloom in the central patch only once the surrounding patches are healed.

Open the flowers in the central patch to completely heal the area. The camera leads you up a path to the hill ahead.

This is what the second area looks like when completed.

Fly up the hill to find this tree. Approach the cluster of rocks on the far side of the tree.

There is the third-and-final set of secret flowers of the level.

Open the yellow flowers to bloom a ring of red flowers around the base of the tree.

Open all of the red flowers. You're about to complete the first level!

Once all of the red flowers have been opened, the entire tree comes to life!

You return to the window sill. Three green leaves fall, one for each set of secret green flowers you found.

The leaves rest in positions that correspond to their position in the dream. The left leaf represents the first set of secret flowers, and so on. This way you'll know which secret you overlooked if you are missing any leaves. Congratulations, you've completed the first level!