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Flower Walkthrough Red

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Again, rock the Sixaxis to zoom in. Press and hold any button to enter the flower's dream and begin the level. Another cutscene plays of the dreary urban landscape.

As before, press any button to release a petal from the first flower.

This time the field is almost completely devoid of color.

Open the red ring of flowers inside this stonehenge to add at least a little color.

The camera pans to show this large cliff turning red.

Notice the lines of yellow and red flowers surrounding the hill. Start opening these flowers.

Once you open them all, this small valley turns green and the camera reveals the level's first set of secret green flowers.

This second stonehenge is on the other side of the valley. Open the ring of red flowers inside to bring color to the surrounding grass as well as add more red to the cliff beyond.

Bloom this double-row of newly-sprouted red flowers to part the red cliff and allow entry.

Strong winds prevent your exit from the canyon. Bloom the many clusters of red flowers to bring blue and purple color to the grass and bloom new groups of yellow flowers.

The camera pans to the cluster of yellow flowers on the hill ahead as they sprout. Be sure to bloom these to sprout the second set of secret green flowers.

This shot shows the position of the secret flowers with respect to the red cliffs.

Bloom all of the yellow flowers to bring color to the whole area and brighten a path beyond.

Follow the path between the mountains to the left and right. Don't start opening these blue-green flowers as you exit. Instead, keep left.

Follow the mountain left until you come to this inlet. There's the third-and-final set of secret flowers for this level!

Now you can pop the blue-green flowers and heal the area around this stonehenge.

The camera shows a collection of yellow sprouts. Bloom them to heal this second stonehenge.

The camera shows a collection of pink sprouts. Bloom the pink flowers to heal this third stonehenge. Pass through any of these three stonehenge formations to paint the grass a different color. Use all three colors and earn the "Palette" trophy.

The camera pans to reveal this maelstrom inside a large stonehenge.

Touch the vortex to trigger healing throughout the entire area and complete the level.

Three leaves fall to the planter once more, confirming your success at finding all three sets of secret flowers!