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Flower Walkthrough Pink

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Tilt your controller left to focus on the pink flower. As before, hold any button to enter the flower's dream world and begin the level.

This cutscene shows an urban setting with a bit more promise.

Press any button to release a petal from the flower.

Notice the shallow areas beside the windmill, each with brown grass. There are two visible here, plus a third behind the windmill.

Heal the three brown patches to sprout the level's first set of secret flowers. They'll appear here next to the windmill in the center.

Clusters of pink flowers and lines of yellow flowers surround the windmill. Opening them is optional, but if you do...

...the wind will carry you to this cluster of windmills surrounding a ring of blue-green flowers.

Open the blue-green flowers and a gust of wind sets the windmills spinning. Open two more rings of blue-green flowers to set their windmills in motion.

The camera shows more blue-green flowers sprouting at the original windmill. (Note the green secret flowers on the right.) Open the newly-sprouted ring of blue-green flowers to set this windmill spinning.

A powerful rush of wind carries you into the canyons beyond.

You'll have limited control while the wind carries you, so try to enjoy the ride. Trying to catch all of the flowers is very difficult, but if you catch enough of these blue flowers you'll set their windmills spinning.

Next, you'll be carried through these arches.

Keep left to enter this cave. Be careful, if you miss it and continue right you won't be able to come back.

The cave has two paths. The one on the left leads to the second secret flower, while the path on the right will earn you the flOw trophy.

Going left, aim straight down to catch the second set of secret flowers. You can just see their green color at the bottom of the canyon.

You'll emerge from the caverns here. Go left to repeat the trip through the canyons.

Fly through the arches as before, then keep left to enter this cave again.

This time, keep right. You'll enter this tunnel with walls decorated by creatures from the game flOw!

This time when you exit you'll be awarded the flOw trophy!

Keep left to enter the canyons once again. This time, though, keep right at this juncture rather than entering the cave on the left.

You'll pass more arches as well as groups of pink flowers on high platforms like this.

The wind will finally settle down once you reach this grassland. Turn around and head back.

Keep right to find the third set of secret flowers!

Next up is this large field of windmills set amidst the setting sun and a line of sparsely-set blue-green flowers.

Collect the blue-green flowers to set the first row of windmills spinning and sprout a larger field of blue-green flowers.

Repeat twice more to activate the remaining windmills and trigger the level exit.

Before exiting, fly directly into the windmill blades to be captured by the wind.

Do this seven times to earn the Wind trophy!

Touch the exit to end the level.

Here's your fully-blossomed pink flower, with all three secret-flower leaves in place.